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If not the Joker then I could definitley see him pulling off a Riddler. there have been talks of Johnny depp being joker, I really hope thats not the case. hes already to big of a name, they should get someone less known like they did with Ledger and Brody would be perfect, he definitley has the act for it

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He would be perfect I! Thoughts?

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FengShuiGod said:
"Like I'm gonna listen to someone with an Obama avatar talk about the economy of Blu-Ray.
HUH?! Ok and obama and blu ray have in common.. what?!  Its a fact dude, have you tried downloading a movie from xbox live market place or PS store, its awful i hate it. Blu ray will be the standard come 2011, go into best buy, you wont even find Standard Def TVS for sale anymore, and all the HD tvs you see are hooked up to a blu ray player and you see lots of blu ray movies on display. Right now its slow but also once and if the economy pick up in 2011 expect more people to adopt blu ray
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Blu ray isnt far from dominating. I mean honestly, all they need to do is work on the blu ray prices. All the casual movies are still way to expensive.. Hitch is still $30.00 on blu ray for christ sakes. Now movies like Batman Begins, Die hard, Rambo etc are well worth $25.00 on blu ray, but these casual movies like Hitch and reign over me that you can get in the DVD bargain bin at wal mart for $5.00 just wont cut it as $30.00 blu rays. I say if casual movies can come to ATLEAST $15.00 and the great action flicks between $20.00-$25.00 then it will catch on. lets not forget. VHS tapes back in the day where literally $40.00-$70.00

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Ok lets put this to rest. Everyone seems to be saying that blu ray is just temporary because digital downloads will reign supreme. Well there are a lot of reasons why that is totally false.  1.The only way to have access to digital downloads the easiest way is through gaming consoles such as PS3 and Xbox 360, well what about all those people that dont like gaming, everyday people that just want high def movies that wont even own a Xbox 360 or PS3 and will just buy blu ray player instead. 2. It takes FOREVER to download high def movies. OMG!! I downloaded my first Movie for rent on the Playstation store yesterday (Rambo in HD) and WOW, it literally took 7 hours to download.. 7 FREAKING HOURS! No joke, and 360 isnt better, with a HD movie on the 360 it takes between 3-4 hours!!  Noone in their right mind would want to go through that!!

Another reason is, HD movies weigh in aroung 4-5 gigs, ok what about these Movie addicts that want to own 50 plus movies?! They would need a HUGE HDD!! Another reason is because everyone I talk to just simply dont like the idea of paying all that money for a movie and not having the case and booklets that come with it, thats me personally. I much rather buy a blu ray movie anyday then have to sit and wait hours for a movie to download and take up TONS of space on my HDD. Bottom line is, Blu ray isnt going anywhere, infact in 2 years it will be the standard. Unless sony/MS can make the whole digital download process more seamless without having to wait literally hours for a movie to download, I dont see Digital downloads being the future.

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efrucht said:
"I don't have an HDTV, so i never really thought about it....
Regardless, do you really want such large files staying cluttered on your HDD?
well considering you can upgrade your PS3 HDD very easily, the option would be nice. I love buying blu ray but i would love to be able to download my fav movies in high def
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The PS3 video store is off to a great start and im very impressed with the library considering its only been out a few weeks, but how come you can only purchase movies in Standard Def, it kind of contradicts the whole PS3 being the ultimate High def machine argument when you simply cant buy movies in High def.  I mean I could understand if it would be because it takes up a lot of space but whats the difference between renting or buying a HD movie.
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DrDemon said:
"i think sony will market the hell out of it and that will boost sales

I hope so because I really want this game to sell well, it just doesnt seem like no matter how hard sony tries they just cant move much software, the 360 is really the gamer's console, look at MGS4, that was hyped to hell and it didnt even break a million in the USA in its first month while you have games like Halo 3 and COD4 that break 2 million in its first day
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Thunder said:

You make a good point but i think it will sell well. It looks like a kid friendly game and people who dont know much about it might consider purchesing it for their kids


True but the bad thing is, not many little kids own a PS3 all kids between 10-14 own a Wii or 360, the PS3 fanbase consists of either gamers between 17-24 and middle aged people that bought the console for the blu ray player. Its too bad becauase this game will be amazing
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Dont get me wrong, I think Littlebigplanet will be amazing and im buying it day 1, But unfortunatley I can just see this as a game that gets very great reviews everywhere but just wont quite catch on to the average game consumer and wont sell well. I mean look at MGS4, a proven franchise with a rather large fanbase and with tons of hype and it couldnt even break a million in sales in a month here in the US. I think personally the games that will sell a ton will be Resistance 2, Motorstorm 2 will sell very solid also, I honestly see Socom pulling a warhawk, selling only 500k units and staying there. The biggest hitter will be killzone 2 IF it scores well. Now I know sales shouldnt matter to us gamer but to an extent gamers should be concerned if a game sells bad because that means no sequels if it flops.