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Alignment? what an awesome idea. but I play on what I've got. I love my shiny new PS3 but I don't like it more than XBOX so les not open that silly argument! besides- xbox games run on pcs so why get it? just get a pc. I cant wait to get an alienware or some shit like that. I hate the virus risk my pc has, love the look of my macbook. but I love how many more games I can play on my pc. I mean, I have like 7 games that don't run on macs, and never will.
OK so I talk about my little self some now. I love Zero Punctuation, Magic the Gathering, Anime, Manga, and art and lately I was introduced to Dungeons and Dragons tabeltop. VIDEO GAMES: I like games like Jak 2, I like RPGs like star ocean till end of time/xenosaga, Icewind Dale, Neverwinter nights. I love little known games like Lugaru, Avernum, EV Nova and Penumbra.
Alpha Centari was the best game of all time. period. and anyone who has one of the quotes memorized gets an imaginary cookie.  
Warning: Star Wars Geek. seriously. but I haven't played any of the games yet cuz Im poor. but I'm open to sugestions which one i should try first.  XD
I have an overactive imagination. I love to speak my mind but I also like avoiding needless conflicts. 
Warning: I have boughts of grammar crazyness and if I correct your whos to whom or something dont take it personally the whole family has that problem.
And anyone who thinks inflammable means cant ignite will be shot. 
And anyone who thinks prototype or infamous or jak 2/3 are hard games will be locked in a padded cell for their own protection.