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@Three0neFive:  I PLAYED IT ON PS3 lol. Really I think I enjoyed prototype more. maybe  because I can rip people in two and kick their left over ribcage. but it was a close thing. I tried replaying infamous but it isn't as much fun the second time. prototype has more replay value for me because its such a quick game without the side missions. 
about infamous- don't you get tired of how cole clings to the walls and you have to spam jump a lot to climb. not to mention it that after you learn to call down lighting it gets too easy. that plus karmic overload. 
I don't know, really. I'm closer to liking them both the same than declaring a victor. Infamous does have a better ending though. and a better story. and a sequel... huh...
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@Mercanis:  I had trouble the first few times I attacked the final on normal. the funny thing is I had gone the whole game without realizing I had the critical pain attack. time those right and fill up on soldiers and its a cake walk. ok well you might have to throw a few of the missiles at him too. there's a great spot on the satellite dishes he can't get to. you can whip fist grab soldiers in peace for a few min, or grab them then go up there to consume. oh and also hijacking the helicopters can make a dent in him 
EDIT: wow is this post really a year old? heck I didn't realize this game was that old I just got it like a month ago lol
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the way they had all those cool interviews and stuff made me feel like it was going to revolutionize how environments change over time. I was under the impression that the whole city would be changing, but instead you have a few areas with red stuff and smoke. it was a fun game but I would have liked it more if I had played it without reading reviews or watching trailers and getting my hopes up. It WAS fun tho. although a manual aim option would put it higher on my fav list.

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do you like being able to destroy buildings, cars and what not? I thought at first that it would be a great adittion to the game. However, I found that any novelty or interest added to the game by blowing up bases was canceled out by the fact that the respawn so quickly.
Does anyone else think that re spawning destructible buildings are kind of pointless? or is blowing stuff up worth it even if it respawns? I'm a bit torn. I love blowing stuff up but by the end of the game I wanted to see the city in ruins. I mean, would it have been to hard to program a chance for us to blow up different buildings?! just think how cool it would be to have  a city filled with charred wreckage and collapsed buildings... I really liked how the genteck building has a hole in the top later they should have done more of that

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thought I'd give my own 2 cents.



 I love running around NYC but it doesn't feel real. the textures feel pasted on and overly shiny. Infamous, on the other hand, has a city that really feels alive, with every detail beautifully crafted and well thought out.


 so much more fun in prototype. all the climbing and jumping in infamous gets old really fast


 goes to infamous. the bosses weren't hard but they were very interesting. prototypes boss battles didn't give any sense of acomplishment and the final boss is a pain until you know the trick and then its painfully easy.
graphics- infamous looks nice but there are moments when the animation feels way off. some of the running animations. but in prototype the camera can cut through the models in cutscenes and that looks aweful. infamous has style, prototype has realism.

final feelings-

finishing prototype left me with a hollow feeling in my gut. the final boss feels like they couldn't find anything better. they should have had more battles with the hunter, some plot hook to make it really really important to kill him. he feels so cookie-cutter. you have to beat him because he's in the way,they could have filled that role with anything, even a tank or a bunch of soldiers. The should kept the specialist human and have him turn on you or keep Elizabeth as the running villain. she had so much developmental charater. 
I loved the moral system of imfamous and I cose the evil ending. I go through all the trouble and for what? a  little MUHAHA. sheesh!! have him hook up with sasha, have us choose whether we kill her, free her or seduce her. the army is getting ready to take back the raysphere they think is still intact and so you do what? run around the city after the final scene doing those quests. let me consolidate my power, send the world a message that I control this city. I wanted to control the reavers. there could have been a whole nother part of the game. but nooooo. what really stings is that I'm every one's worst nightmare and the next game will probably start with me running to a new city and starting over. 

also a note:

DESTRUCTIBLE BUILDINGS: its not any fun when every explosion looks the same. its even less fun when its like it never happened after 5 min. Even just 2 explosion animations would have been enough. and have a few buildings stay ruined! they went through the trouble of painting a hole on geneteks roof after you know what. so why not pick like one hive and one base that stay ruined the whole game? and whats with disappearing gore? blood is gone in like 5 min. that is so silly. have the gore stay for a real time day or two. You could paint whole buildings.
which reminds me : WHY Prototype WHY can't I aim manually? just give me a view finder like infamous. seriously. I want to paint a wall red for the heck of it.
Also later in the game all soldiers should alert when they see normal alex. would make things much more stealth based. And have a few more enemy types.
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  I'm rolling on the floor laughing right now. You call prototype hard? are you kiddding? its one of the easiest games I've played and I've beaten. normal was frustratingly short and hard isn't much harder at all. This a inFamous were both way too easy on normal and hard settings. I had more trouble with Jak 3 lol.  what where you doing- attacking tanks with bare hands or something? there's always a way in that game, you just need to know the strengths and weaknesses of each unit. like pokemon lol. XD