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Maybe the HD collection didn't sell enough on 360 to warrant a fix in their eyes. Still, poor treatment of customers on Konami's part.

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I've always heard he could pretty much be a prick to his employees and not a nice person overall but no one can deny the C64 was the most popular computer of all time. Wonder if they'll bury him with the leftover Atari Swordquest prizes.

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So what's worse? A game you want doesn't get enough kickstarter money or a game you want does get enough kickstarter money and you hate the game or the game isn't what you thought it would be? I still would like to know what Double Fine does in a situation where they make 3 million more dollars than they needed? Obviously, Amazon gets their cut but Tim is still going to have a lot over the intended goal. His funny pics notwithstanding, does it all go for one new game? Several new games? Party in the Bahamas? The donators deserve to be kept in the loop. Yes, he and DF probably have minimal plans at this point but if it leads to a Stacking Dance Party game, I'd be pissed.

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Once all these developers start doing Kickstarters and going "Well, I'm gonna make as much as Double Fine!" and then none of them even make goal, there's gonna be a lot of tears when none of them start making goal.

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There's 1000+ replies about this here and lose to 700 in the FAQ one. Insane.

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@MrWiggles said:

@GeedAwesome said:

I'm paid through Oct but had to cancel. I can't take the chance GB will be the same by then...cause I know it probably won't be.

That makes no sense at all. You cant know something that hasn't happened yet, why don't you wait and see.

Cause, Godammit, I know Gamespot is gonna fuck us all! Me being paid through October is as far as wait and see I'm gonna go.

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I'm paid through Oct but had to cancel. I can't take the chance GB will be the same by then...cause I know it probably won't be.

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@murisan said:

@Kurtdyoung: Dude, read. "Giant Bomb will continue to operate as its own unique site."

I keep hearing this but I've seen too many mergers not go the way as promised. I'm paid through October but I doubt I'll re-up after that. CBS/Gamespot doesn't need (or probably want) my support. Looks more and more like a sell out which honestly, I don't begrudge Jeff & the guys. Take the money if it's worth it. You just gotta balance the integrity with it. Even if it was done with the best of intents, it looks really bad to a lot of people.

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I don't know.

I just don't know.

Gamespot Total Access? "Thanks for sticking around. Here's a pile of shit as a bonus!".

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Can't wait till Kane & Lynch III gets reviewed by Jeff and he gets fired all over again then starts a new site called Tiny Missile.

I feel betrayed, honestly. It's like your favorite unsigned metal band getting picked up by the big record company then next thing you know, the bass player and drummer have been replaced and the lead singer is singing pop ballads just to stay in good graces. This won't end well. I probably won't re-up my sub either. Jeff's made his money and will be content. All things must pass.

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