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#1 Posted by geekbot (110 posts) -

I'm just glad I can spend my left-over points now.

#2 Posted by geekbot (110 posts) -

@patrickklepek I'm assuming you mean the 120GB version of the PS3 and not 12GB? (Sorry if I"m the bajillionth person to point that out.)

#3 Posted by geekbot (110 posts) -

That is one fine typing game there. It literary had me gushing with excitement! :b

#4 Posted by geekbot (110 posts) -

Awesome article Patrick! Really makes me want to get into the fighting game scene. I'll have check out EVO next year. Keep 'em coming!

#5 Posted by geekbot (110 posts) -

Man, OUYA seems worse and worse by the day.

No kidding.

I was an early backer and I still haven't received mine and it seems like they'll be sending my second controller in a second shipment. So much for getting it before launch. :T

#6 Posted by geekbot (110 posts) -

Some good reads as always. I particularly enjoyed "Discover the ups and downs of playing games with your kid with Chris Dahlen." seeing as I hope to introduce my kids to video games some day. :)

Also, Among the Sleep looks really cool. I love the concept! I'll have to keep an eye on that one.

#7 Posted by geekbot (110 posts) -

I've got nothing against People Can Fly, it's just that none of the games they've made are really that appealing to me, and I really liked the Gears series. Here's hoping they do good by it.

#8 Posted by geekbot (110 posts) -

I would be totally up for a good Star Wars game. I can't emphasize enough the word "good" though.

#9 Posted by geekbot (110 posts) -

I think it sounds like a cool idea. And I'd be pretty stocked to see them try their hand at Doom 4.

#10 Posted by geekbot (110 posts) -

I need to get mine too, but I need a new PC first. Boo... :/

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