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Giantbomb and Jeff Green's twitter/twitch/youtube channel. Probably all I do on the internet via browser.

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I don't know, seems like no one would have a good time with this game. Danny sounded somewhat enthused but from what I sort of briefly read, the game lacks variety and, well, substance. Maybe a UPF showing could make it entertaining.

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@thejke said:

@grtkbrandon: Thanks. Yes, I will be playing at 1080p, with a target of 60FPS. Someday I would like to do 1080p at 144Hz, but that is out of my budget at this time.

I'm running some games with a 970 @ 144hz 1080p fairly successfully though In most cases I'm sacrificing higher graphics settings. My eyes are much happier this way though.

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I would love for there to be a new Dark Souls game, tomorrow, next year, and the next. Forevermore. Hopefully the next one takes place under the ocean where you have an amazing air-bubble-out-of-fissures-and-cracks mechanic - and you have some funny slow-but-high-floaty jumpy mechanics as well.

No really, I don't care, I just want more Souls games in my life. Most of all right now I might just want a HD Remaster of Demon's Souls for PS4.

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This thread is interesting. It starts out happy and then goes all weird.

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Having played all these in "proper" succession, I had most trouble with Demon's Souls (probably cus it was my first time doing anything like this game), Dark Souls was slightly easier than Demon's, then DS2 was a fair challenge but I was feeling like a pro veteran by then, then Bloodborne being the easiest by far, and DS2:SotfS being slightly harder than Bloodborne again.

All in all I feel the hard part in these games is giving them your full attention. If you can, they're not hard at all.

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So like 5/5 stars then. Wonder if Vinny will write a review, been a while!

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Metroid and Castlevania, naturally.

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Hopefully Nintendo. I'm sure I'd be amused either way though.