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Pretty much this

..and any variation thereof.

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They're great! I'd like to see more varied content from them but I'm sure that'll come along as soon as they settle and get things rolling proper. I would've preferred Vinny do the Bloodborne QL, or at least having some Bloodborne content from Vinny & Alex, not necessarily a quick look. Just something!

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Danswers is fantastic! Technically I don't/shouldn't care about this sort of program but Dan and Danny have a special chemistry, and their guests so far have been diverse, funny and interesting. It's kinda like Giantbomb?

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My Nightmare Edition shipped today so it'll probably here tomorrow or the day after. Now I'll just pretend I don't want to purchase the game digitally and preload it and maybe be able to play it before the physical copy appears in the mail.

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I'm usually not the type to hate things that don't affect me so I can't say.

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Kinda looks like a fuzzy, rusty bucket.

@bollard said:
By @graboids

But then looking at this it all makes sense now.

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Webroot. Can also be installed with any other anti-virus if you're super paranoid.

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I don't know why people are so snobby about Voyager but opinions are like poop. They kinda stink.

So here's my stink!

Most fun and action: Voyager. Show got my wife into Star Trek due to its strong female characters and generally fun cast. The Doctor is polarizing I guess but my favorite character of all time ever in any fiction.

Most story and character building: Deep Space Nine - fantastic build to an amazing finale. Fun and super diverse cast.

Most Patrick Stewart: The Next Generation - Technically the best show cuz holy crap it's good.

Most old: Star Trek: The Original Series - it's cute!


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In addition to the development deal, Nintendo and DeNA plan to launch a "multi-device membership service" that will allow players to play games across mobile, Windows PC, and Nintendo's own consoles. The service is slated to launch in fall 2015.

I don't know what this means but the windows PC part makes me giddy.