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I go to a college filled with Smash enthusiasts, and I'm not allowed to play with the main group anymore due to my suggestion that I use items or play on Warioware, Inc or play R.O.B. So I'm not saying that the community isn't made worse by people who discriminate against them, but they're certainly already pretty damn exclusionary. I'm all for "playing your way" and shit, but if you can't even stand the thought of somebody becoming Warioman and motorcycling you off the stage, then I'm going to pass a bit of judgment.

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I would LOVE to see a new Condemned game. Pick up right where 2 leaves off, go completely bonkers, and give me more hobo-punching goodness.

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I've been playing on this server, I've seen your tower but never run into you. If I see you I'll say hi!

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@icicle7x3: Good point. I'm just bitter. I am really excited to see where everything goes with the current season!

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I'm pissed off about Illidan, partially because it means that characters that I like more won't be in it, but mainly due to the fact that we've already got Ganon and Kefka. Do we need another apocalyptic evil in VGCW? Hopefully Bazza can write an unique story revolving around him.

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Travis better win this. I don't have a lot of investment in Geese, and actively despise Illidan after what he did to Johnny and Scrooge.

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Watch The Loved Ones. It's a pretty weird Australian film, but if you wanna shoehorn it into an easy description, it's Hostel run through the filter of a John Hughes film. It's from a first time writer/director, and has some awesome twists. Also, a HELL of a performance from the lead villain.

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I read all of the words you posted and I do not understand what they mean when put side-by-side

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Genius! I like it. Vinnco needs to get some more publicity in the larger market.

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@shagge: Decided, "fuck it" and downloaded it. My shitty GPU runs it well at low, and it looks pretty damn good, even then.