Back From the Hospital

Last Thursday I was diagnosed with a spontaneous collapsed lung. Being in university and about 2 and half hours away from my family this was a pretty scary thing to have happen. A chest drain tube was inserted into me for 4 days luckily the tylenol 3's and plenty of morphine kept the edge off.  I went about 5 days without the internet or even a computer and for about 3 of the days I couldn't leave my bed making it way harder. However, I made it through and my lung is basically perfect again, going from a complete collapse to perfectly inflated, now it's time to catch up on Giantbomb's happenings as well as do some school work too... I guess


Just picked up...

Borderlands GOTY and I'm loving it! had to sell my last copy but now i get all the dlc plus duke nukem forever... woot and a half!


After all these years I now know the meaning!

I finally understand the following Mega64 video. I just thought it was a weird way to advertise the game but after seeing Mega64 on the Pax Panel now it all makes sense!  

  any other great Mega64 sketches you guys like? or any similar sketch groups?  
another favourite sketch group of mine is Magic Hugs, nothing to do with video games, but they got some funny stuff.

Tried Kinect at FanExpo! and other stuff as well...

At FanExpo in Toronto this past weekend I had the chance to try out a few things coming out soon to the videogame market. I got to try a few independent games for the PC as well as Halo Reach. More importantly however I tried out Kinect and PlayStation Move.  I was a skeptic when it came to Kinect as a controller is the way to play a game in my mind, but after trying Kinect out for the first time, my thoughts have changed. Despite still looking like a total fool while playing I was having fun playing the few mini games they had. There was very little if any lag when it came to response time and it could follow your movement no matter what you would do. I could really see the appeal this would have at a party where you didn't have to keep switching off controllers and syncing. The Move was also very responsive but to me it just felt like the Wii mote I haven't picked up in about a year and a half. It is a nice looking piece of hardware, I didn't even mind the glowing ball on the end but it just seems out dated and falling behind the competition. Kinect at its price still will cost less than getting the required hardware to have 2 people play a Move game which is always a bonus in my books. Reach was looking very pretty but I'm still not a huge halo fan and may wait to pick it up if at all. (did not pick-up ODST) That weekend I got to browse thousands of comics and check out some intense cosplay as well as see some famous people such as the legendary Stan Lee!  I may link my youtube channel to this blog so once the video I took are up you can check them out!  
Leave you with a question or two! 
Have you ever tried Kinect, and if so how did you feel about it? 
and second, 
Ever been to a Comic-Con like gathering and if so whats you're favourite part about it? ( mines the revealing cosplay as well as the big sponsored booths that hand out free swag!) 


SC2... So Far

I hate to say it but unfortunately I got into the Starcraft game pretty late getting it in around 2005 or so, also never really got into the campaign, tower defense maps and such were why i played it. However, picking SC2 up at launch was amazing. The campaign so far is laid out  in a dramatic new way, and love the interactions with the areas between missions (a freaking arcade game is playable!). So far my SC2 experience has been wonderful, even B.Net 2.0 is great! imo. Gonna get off Giantbomb and play some more, damn work schedule eats into time I could be playing SC2! :p


What I traded for RDR...

I traded in Borderlands, Fallout 3, and Kane and Lynch... I did this because I have no job as of yet and I have to pay for my house my roommates and I are living in back at school...
Beat Fallout 3 numerous times plus i can easily get in on the PC if I really Wanna play it again. 
Didn't get through Borderlands, but I got pulled out of it by other games like Mass Effect 2, MW2, and Bioshock 2, so it's hard to start back in on my saved game, and I definitely didn't wanna start a new one. 
I loved Kane and Lynch! just time to retire it and make room for RDR and the new Kane and Lynch 2 once I get a job.


Reggie Watts - Fuck Shit Stack!

Stumbled across this video about 2 weeks ago and I have to say... it's genius. Reggie Watts has great flow in this song and the lyrics are hilarious as well as at some points thought provoking.  The lyrics about loving the concept of a woman and objectifying them, pure satirical gold! If you want to have a good laugh and a fresh new song stuck in your head check this video out. 
Reggie Watts - Fuck Shit Stack 
EDIT: The name of the song is Fuck Shit Stack, sorry had the song stuck in my head, and shit is used first in the opening verse... my bad


Exam Time

3/5... kinda lame, all i got left are essay exams... ugh. Essays are not to be done in under 3 hours, let alone 2 in under 2 hours... less than 9 days left until I'm done though. Gaming is always a good study break don't you think?

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