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Same problem. It's especially frustrating when the video resets because the seeker bar goes in such wide intervals.

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Yeah, the seek intervals are really annoying.

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And don't forget about eBay. I've gotten several fantastic deals on PC game download codes, including Borderlands 2. There's a couple listed for 35 bucks at this moment. A lot of people are selling their GeForce pack-ins.

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I said what what, in the butt.

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@MattyFTM: I agree with most of the points except the Quick Looks. I've watched enough Quick Looks to know that the most I've seen don't seem to show a significant amount of preparation. You have a handful where they straight up say "We are going in cold". Then there's others where they are mostly making assumptions (which a lot of times don't turn out to be correct) about content, and others where they don't even know the price of the game. Now, I don't really care most of the time, but in fairness, I don't believe a significant portion of their time is specifically devoted to Quick Look preparation.

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Again, this isn't really a deal so much as it is another option for people who don't want to pay for a t-shirt with their membership...

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As an avid Doom player, I thought he played quite well on Breaking Bad. All of the dumb little mistakes he made were part of playing the game, especially for someone who's just picking it up again.

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I don't know who those dudes are, but when the one guy didn't know how to use an N64 controller, they lost all credibility for me.

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Yes, this game is pretty bad, but it's a game I grew up on. Hopefully they won't take it too seriously. Unless they remember what they're supposed to do, I suspect they'll be asking the chat or looking up walkthroughs, as this game is near impossible to figure out on a first go. The best thing about this game is messing around and intentionally screwing up everything, Ex: throwing flashbangs on a hostage, shooting the hostage, shooting your teammates, doing dynamic entries when it should be stealth. The possibilities are endless, and practically every action has its own unique FMV. I'm sure and hope they SAVE-IT! often, which is not only necessary, but useful for trying every possible thing.

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