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After some inspiration from Vinny's LOLS and Brad playing Demon's Souls, I started playing Dark Souls last Friday. I've played about 20 hours so far, and within the first couple of hours I realized that it's not at all as difficult as I was lead to believe. It can be a little unfair and unforgiving at times, yes, but just suck it up. Forget the souls and learn from your mistakes. The trick is to master the game mechanics and be patient. When you get impatient, as you tend to do when you just want to retrieve your souls after dying, you will die to even the simplest enemies. Like with the Balder Knights early in the game. They're just a tiny bit stronger than the other enemies, but if you stress out, they'll riposte and one hit kill you.

As most people, I got my ass handed to me by the Taurus Demon a couple of times. But then I learned from my mistakes and beat him without losing any health on the next try. It was in fact incredibly easy when I knew what to do. I trained parrying and ripostes for a while and when I felt I had the hang of it, I beat that asshole Black Knight to a pulp, and all of his friends as well when I encountered them.

The game encourages you to change it up every now and then. Your sick and seemingly overpowered armor may be completely useless in an area because the enemies might inflict damage that it doesn't protect against, or it might be too heavy to give you the agility you need for the encounter.

I have a ways to go before I'm finished, but I don't just want to finish the game, I want to see everything, beat every boss, and get every item. Few games have that effect on me.

Dark Souls: probably the best €5.99 I've ever spent.

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Haven't gotten a chance to try out the server yet, as it's always full. Ping seems decent, around 113-115ms for me. I'm generalen99.

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Rockstar confirmed in a tweet not too long ago that the "atomic blimp DLC" is indeed inside the box of the first run copies. If you buy it day one you're 99% sure to get it, but the only way to be 100% sure is to pre-order. But here's the thing: these "first run copies" last a long ass time. A new production run will be at least a couple of months away. I have bought games in the past several months after release and still gotten the "day one exclusive pre-order bonus DLC". It's mainly just a marketing "scheme" to get people to pre-order.

As for the question whether it's just a skin or the only blimp, I don't know. The wording in the press releases makes it seem that it's just a skin, but looking at leaked gameplay footage it sure seems like the only one available.

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I expect us Europeans getting fucked over in the currency exchange even more now.

With points, I could order cards and codes online instead of paying the ridiculous prices in my home country. On Amazon (US), 800 points costs $9.99, on Amazon (UK), it costs £6.87 (~$10.70), while the cheapest I could find where I live equals to $13.50 (the average price is about $15.50). Now, I have to pay using local currency, so I expect double the price on all DLC and other XBLA content from now on.

Real example of this fuckover: Payday 2 costs $34.99 on US Xbox Live, and ~$58 here. Meanwhile, retail price is ~$40.

I hope MS ships lube and knee pads with the new Xbox.

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Maybe. The time of release more or less fits, and the figure being red and large also fits. One could argue that DOTT is somewhat spooky for a 5-6 year old with the weird characters and all, but I could swear that the game I was thinking of wasn't as cartoony. Maybe I'm confusing it with some other games I played as a child, putting scenes from one game in to another. After all, it's been over 15 years.

Either way, thanks for the reply.

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So after watching the Random PC Game: Blade Runner series I got this flashback to when I was younger, but I can't figure out what the game me and a friend used to play was called. I've been googling and wiki-browsing the last week, but I have to throw in the towel. See, the problem is that I only remember one screen from the game. In the scene there was a red "Roly Poly" toy (also called round-bottomed doll, tilting doll, tumbler, or wobbly man). It was quite large, almost as large as the character you played as itself if I remember correctly, and when you clicked it, it wobbled back and forth. It may have been part of some puzzle, or an enemy. I don't know.

The setting of the game was a little "dark", maybe horror-themed, but I'm not entirely sure. Point and click adventure game.

I think we played on a Windows 95 machine. Or perhaps it was DOS? Circa 95-97 +/-.

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   Oh no, I didn't come prepared to the interview and got blown off. I have to make a 24 minute video about it.
It's tough world, deal with it.
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Damn. These guys are gonna put Michael Pachter out of work soon if they continue with these expert predictions.

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I got gold on all the NASCAR stuff. I admit I struggled with the cone stuff for a long time, but I kept at it till I finally managed to beat the crap out of it. I definitely have more respect for NASCAR as a sport after enduring all that.

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-Try to clear the first three sets of licenses before you have a go at the A-spec stuff. Not only do you learn to handle different cars in different situations, but you'll get some cars out of it as well. I can't remember which license set that gives which car, but you'll get one or two decent ones that should make the early A-spec stuff easy without spending too much money on tuning. Clearing them on bronze should be fairly easy, but don't give up until you've cleared at least silver! It's all about trial and error.

Protip: check out the "play example replay"-feature. It's in the last menu before the race/event, three icons to the right of "start". Try to memorize what's being shown and apply it when you're driving. Extra tip during this mode: press select to change the camera angle.
-If you find yourself constantly two or three tenths of a second off the next trophy when you're doing licenses or special events, try turning traction control completely off in the settings menu before the race. You'll be able to apply more throttle at the exit of corners and while in gentle corners. Speaking of assists: You should also turn off all the other stuff as well (except maybe ABS and driving line), as you won't need those assists in the low-powered cars you'll be driving early on. 

-Lastly: learn to drive with manual shifting. Automatic shifting just slows you down. It forces you to take corners too slow or too fast, and you're pretty much always in the wrong gear at the exit of corners. All in all, it's just a hassle. While you're at it, change your camera view to either cockpit or bumpercam if you haven't already. It gives a greater sense of speed and distance so you can brake later. 
Here's a helpful tip from a Jalopnik commenter for a particular race: 
Having trouble with the Top Gear Test Track Samba bus race? Try ignoring the racing line and follow these rules: Tap the brake at Wilson. Take the inside at Chicago and tap the brake, Take the inside at the hammerhead and tap the brake, then cut the corner when you start turning right, then flat out until you hit Bacharach start outside of the racing line, don't cut the inside so much that you go off the track, but come close, and just tap the brakes, then let off the gas a bit through Gambon, and across the line! 
Remember if you hit another bus or try to pull a Tom Cruise you'll be disqualified. You are allowed to sideswipe buses as long they are turning into you also.  
After a few tries you should be able to pass them all in one lap.