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@blurienh said:

I'm with the others. This is pretty much perfect.

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I'd love to join. Starting the steps now: @GeneralGrey

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Not only is this absolutely fantastic, but it's quite fair. Well done!

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I'm having a bit of difficulty articulating my thoughts on this article. On the one hand, I certainly see the value of raising and discussing these types of issues. That's how we learn and grow as people, as a community, and as a society. On the other, I simply don't enjoy this form of content on this site. And I suppose I'm not meant to. It's an article asking me to look at something I don't want to look at and to think about something that I don't want to think about. Basically, to be perfectly blunt, this sort of thing is not why I come to Giant Bomb.

I come to Giant Bomb because it is the most grounded, fun, entertaining gaming site that exists today. It's a site that talks about games like real, knowledgeable people rather than as high-minded arbiters of good taste. As such, these articles (or more accurately editorials) create a bit of a disconnect between me and the site. Are they interesting? Absolutely. But they're not fun, they're not entertaining, and they certainly aren't grounded. Consequently, I find myself actively disliking them. I can't and don't fault Patrick for writing them, posting them, or defending them. I just don't like them.

I guess the obvious response to that is: "then don't read 'em." Or, going further, "if for whatever reason you do read them, then don't comment." Sure, that's one option. But as a user of this site, I feel that it's my prerogative to post my opinion about its content. I recognize that I'm one of many and that a bunch of other people may disagree with me. That's perfectly fine. I have nothing but respect and admiration for the Giant Bomb team. I just wish that Patrick would lighten up a bit on this sort of thing.

Anyway, that's just my 2 cents.

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Been messing around with the Alpha on Steam for the last couple of days. It's pretty great, particularly for this stage of development. I have a couple quibbles, but I'm quite pleased with the purchase.

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Very excited at the prospect of being able to cross all of Tamriel in a single game, though I'm reserving judgement until more details emerge.

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Mysticism? But how are we to honor the gods if we have no ceremonial pots to draw pretty pictures upon?

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I concur that a settler must be produced, lest we become complacent and stagnate. Expansion is an imperative. Gerst-MANIFEST DESTINY!

Similarly, I believe that pottery is the way to go and we should make every effort to ensure that the culture of Gerstland is the very pinnacle of sophistication. That said, I would also support the recommendations of the honorable Red12b, and encourage examination of a technology-centered approach. We must not allow ourselves to be eclipsed.

Long Live Gerstland!

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This is pretty brilliant. Please count me in!

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Not sure how I feel about this yet. It's probably for the best that they're not retconning the whole thing - puts all those people screaming about "dangerous precedent" in their place. Still, I can't currently see how any amount of additional footage could cure the stupidity of the final choice.

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