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Bethesda should have gave more dialouge options in this situation, i gave two of my best followers throughout my 70+ hours of gametime to the Blades as new recriuts, and was gona recruit my wife into them lool, the Blades were my fav faction and i was more then happy to rebuild the faction, but now they suck my dragontail! i wanted to the option to start a fight so i can kill all the few remaining damn blades and finish what the Thalmor have been doing...then kill the Thalmor.

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not much of a diffrence
- Transfarring
- ps3 comes with MGS1
- larger community on ps3 (peace walker)
- pressure sensitive buttons on ps3 enabled 
- would feel more right on the ps3? 
- PS3 Version all on one bluRay disk
- a better port of ps3?

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@VisariLoyalist: Hey bro! i just made a battlelog account right now and applied for this clan
if you want to link your psn account to your EA, simply click on the psnlogo under the sign in section, it will easily hook you up
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am i late for the party?
genaralmojo   (with an A not E i know i know)

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@JonSmith: LOL ive heard about this little disease spreading on the ps3 version, i notice my save file is getting bigger too, ever since the last patch my games been running smooth, no problems so far.
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first of all HI!
ive been playing Skyrim for quite some time and im loving it! (playing on ps3)
im level 21
im on top of the food chain in the companions guild
i also married the huntress (forgot her name but i diged her real good)
i own a home in whiterun and invested alot of crap into it along with keeping valuables in that home.
i just want to know becuase i heard from the stormcloacks they will attack whiterun? is all that i have in danger?
i wanted to join the stormcloacks becuase i like the idea of rebels agains the rich goverment type, but at the same time i get hints that they are racists, (Windhelm i think its called, has all this s*** happening there, and the nords dont like other races?) that kinda put me off from the stormcloacks.
the imperials seem like douches aswell, so i want to know will anything happen in whiterun if i pick a side or stay a free agent :)

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is there a clan i can join for BF3 PS3? also yes i think the main thing for me is to SPOT SPOT SPOT YOUR ENEMYS, especially for those who are in jets, spot tanks and infantry so they can see from the skys

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all i can say is, Demon Souls was a much better game.

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@Mongoose: from what i know, the game went up to 720p widscreen, 60 frames per second, trophy support (3 platinums) MGS2 and 3 are both subsistence versions, and MGS3 comes with MG1 and 2, so you basically get 5 games in one! literally every single official MGS game thats in the main storyline (except MGS 1 and 4 but i already have both :P  )
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@Hizang: i never ordered a game online, let alone getting it from the US lol, yh i think i will wait :(