So, all done with school and thus far it has been an effective day on my part. 
Now I'm going to goof around at gb and play som arkham asylum with a mate =)

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My little test...

...seemed to be bit too successfull.
I think that waking up tomorrow will be very painfull.
A long with most other things that require breathing....unless I am extremely lucky.... 
My back is effed up, and I think it is due to jogging....of course, working out would come back to bite me in the ass...that makes sense.....

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When I am at my most effective....

...is probably about right now. 
Before I head to bed I realize that I have not even begun to make progress with some of the stuff I should have done today.
And so, the last half hour before bedtime today I start researching regrowth of  noci and temperature receptor regrowth after skin damage.
...and I will pay the guys over at www.markom.no for my awesome black leather flight jacket...
I feel so stupid...

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My superpower...

Usually he is just regular man, your average joe, working at a convenience store and trying to study.
But at night, in the weekends, under the influence of alcohol, he becomes...
Gah, fuck this.
Last night was one of those times were I doesn't matter how much you drink, you will not get drunk. 
And I was the only one at the party in that mode. 
I can feel now however that I was pretty effed up anyways as my head is pounding, and from the fact that I bothered walking home.
About 7 kilometers, if I was to guess. 
It did not strike me as a problem.
Got home at 6 in the morning (which actually is called 06:00 here), grabbed a ceterizin for my allergy, and hit the sack.
Slept safe and sound until 1230. 
Now it's 13:00, and I'm trying to figure out what to do. 
Writing this post does not make it easier to choose. 
I guess I'll start with checking out the video section at giant bomb..yeah...that's exactly what I need right now....

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Next up...

So, almost a status update but since I've got this nifty lil thing here I figured why not? 
Wacken Metal Battle last night had some interesting bands, and the rest of this weekend looks to be a good one.  
An Awesome party tonight, followed by relaxing and reperations tomorrow, ending with Kick-Ass later that day. 
I will refrain from reading anything more about the movie than I already know until then.  
I hope it uh...kicks ass?
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