I feel like the Wasteland 2 kickstarter guys are kinda douchebags

I reserve the fact that I am completely looking way too much into this, and am in the wrong with my opinion. Also I already donated the $15 because I like cRPGs.

A few days ago I started seeing "I funded Wasteland 2's Kickstarter Project" pop up all over my twitter feed. I was confused. The people tweeting it seem to be pretty geeky and I have never heard of a Wasteland 1, what am I missing out on? Upon clicking the blue link I see that Wasteland was an old the first post-apocalyptic RPG which was the inspiration to the Fallout series.

After reading the project page, watching the video, and reading the subsequent I have come to the conclusion that the inXile guys (or at least Brian Cargo) are douchebags. From the information given it feels as though they hold themselves in such high regard, that a lot of people will follow suit in making classic rpgs just as soon as they make another one. In the last update they put out they even said "This is a paradigm shift that is way bigger than Wasteland 2." That comes off to me about the same way as saying "our shit doesn't stink." I'm not the first nor am I going to be the last with saying that either of those statements are not true. Nothing is going to change drastically, for good or bad. The inXile guys are not that important in the grand scheme of things. Sorry.

The video itself also just seems off putting. We see Brian Fargo is various rooms where the furniture seems very expensive. Not that says anything about the game development, but it feels like it doesn't suit the nature of a kickstarter project. In the double fine series of videos never once do we see tim schafer sitting on an expensive couch with a plethora or pillows in front of some expensive black and gold curtains saying that he needs our help to get his game funded. I understand that the couch itself has nothing to do with the game being funded, but it's not the right visual tone. And having the right visual tone will help people decide to fund your project or not.

Lastly in regards to inXile, it pisses me off that they mention "We set the highest goal for kickstarter and we met it in 2 days!" Fuck you. That has nothing to do with the game. Just the fact that you got funded in 2 days is what matters. Not the amount of money it took, that is implied. No need to raise yourself above the rest.

Before I go let me say that I can fund their project and call them douchebags. I can not fund the game and call them douchebags as well. How I feel about the people themselves doesn't need to be a major factor of whether or not I am going to fund their project. Just because I do not like the way he is presenting a fan funded Wasteland 2 doesn't mean I have to boycott it. As a recent example: Phil Fish is a dick, but I'm still going to buy Fez if it is ever released.


Play Oblivion or sleep.

Been having a hard time recently getting into anything. Not literally of course. I get into a lot of things if you know what I mean ;) . But whether it be games, television shows, my job, my bodily hygiene, etc I just can't seem to give a shit about anything. It is pretty sad and depressing on a completely 1st world problems level. I'm not usually one to get obsessed over things, but I really believe everyone should have that one thing that makes them put up with all the crap they suffer through in the course of any given day so they can have their release. 
I crave something like that. The closest thing I can find is the thought of playing TES: Skyrim, but I wont be able to play that until 11.11.11 (264 more days! woonanny!!). Which would make sense, because I have been addicted to the last two TES games. I think all together I have very easily clocked over 1000 hours playing both Morrowind and Oblivion. I mean sure I can go back to them until November, but there is not much more to explore after 1000 hours. And I'm not the type of guy who prowls the internet for any type of info about a game.
random tangent paragraph go NOW: Also, I hate playing these types of games at 4am. My head isn't in the right place. Before you know, it's 10am and all you have accomplished is finding all the landmarks between Leyawin and Bravil. Or you're on a quest to procure every copy of "On Morrowind" in the game. Very fulfilling in their own way, but not something I'd put on my resume.  
Now to be serious. I think I just need to man the f- up and get on with my life. Quit being a lil baby about everything and just do something with myself. Go out and look around until something catches my eye. Don't wait for things to come to me, I need to come to them. blah blah blah. All I have to sya to that is: it's hard and I dun want to go outside, it's windy and cold. Plus I can't just do that. I got to do thing A then thing B. Which of course I will never do, because I'm a lazy American who will just sit on my ass and refresh twitter every 30 seconds all day long, even though they show me when I have new tweets in my timeline.

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Outline for Meat Whore

Had a weird idea the other day for a story. I liked it so much I decided to actually do something with it. Here is the detailed outline of what I hope is to become a nice lil short story sometime in the future. FYI there are going to be a lot of bad grammar in the following. Not really going for a perfect work of literature in an outline. 
It's a story of a lady who grew up not interested in meat at all. No real moral decision, she just thinks eating flesh is gross and the meat itself is off putting. she even tried it a few times as a lil kid, but didn't care for it. But one day, at around the age of 20 or so someone suckers her into having a slice of prime rib at a buffet. after the first bite she is hooked. so much so that the server has to turn her away when she comes up the 5th time, upon receiving orders to do so from up high. as any addiction it starts off simple enough, she has steak maybe once or twice a week for a month, but soon after that she falls to having it everyday, multiple times throughout the day as well. So much so that she has to drink 6 doses of fiber supplements a day in order to counteract all the protein pumping through her veins. 
Her addiction also strains her work and social life. At work she finds any way to sneak a bite of jerky, and is always day dreaming about the ribeye she is going to have later on. Her workflow drops severely and eventually she ends up losing her job. Naturally this leads to her on the streets, lurking behind bbq joints begging for scraps to survive. One of the bbq restraunt owners wises up and tells the lady that if she hooks for him, he'll supply her with all the meat she will ever need as well as provide a bed for her to sleep on. basically the john pay him in money and she gets her cut as meat. The deal proves pretty lucrative for both of them. She gets all the meat she can desire, and he gets extra revenue. Hell her ass is so blown out she doesn't even need to take fiber supplements anymore. Sure, he smacks here up a few good times and she has a few STDs, but she can rationalize it in her mind by telling herself that soon she'll write a cookbook and her life'll take off from there. 
One day, word gets out that all she is really doing the hooking for is the meat, and the customers start just paying her straight up for her services. This doesn't make her pimp too pleased about it. He beats her to a bloody pulp. She screams at him for being an asshole, raving on about how he treats her like shit, after all she has done for him, that he doesn't even care about the way the meat he gives her is prepared anymore, etc. He decides he has enough of it, stuffs her in the trunk of his car and drops her off in the middle of no where.
She somehow stumbles her way into a clinic, where she is taken care of by a cute male nurse. Decides to turn her life around, and start fresh. after a few months of therapy and medical treatment she gets everything going. gets a job as a bartender and even gets in hot with the nurse. they eventually get married and have 3 kids. all raised vegan and never told about their mom's wild early days.     
So there it is,  I dun know what I expect people to say about it, if they give two fucks enough to comment. I just really wanted to put it somewhere, to make it seem like I am doing something with the idea.