Why Violence is so important in Video Games?

I've been looking at video games closely now a days and i won't lie, i do run through most of my games in mabey less then 3 days and i get bored of them, but i've seen through the consoles how different games are being made and put out and how much people love violence.

We need violence in video games, that is what seperates us from among so many different types of entertainment we continue to put violence in games because of course people do want to hurt people, people want to kill others and you can prentend your a physco path running around through a level splitting open heads and destroy bodies by ripping them apart and thats what most people think about games about half of the time especially when it comes to the games that are coming out now a days like Fallout 3, Gears of War 2 and probably another hundred games or so ( im seriously really tired right now).

Violence seperates us from being childrens toys, we move ourself from that area by putting violence in video games to give people the enjoyment of hurting people but as well as trying to be better then everyone else and being better then children and knowing more.

Its not to say that all games should have video games because i would see that would seperate us from actually being a type of entertainment and i'd find myself turning into a emo which i dont want at this time at all, so really VIOLENCE will always be important in a video games until the day we die...as well as when World War 3 starts.


Wax on Wax off Daniel-san

So i just downloaded Geometry Wars 2 Retro Evolved and im really digging it now im just trying to get the achievements, the Wax off one more importantly in Pacfism.....ill see what i can post tommorow lol


Soul Calibur 4 How do you defeat noobs?

I just recently played Soul Calbur online.....I was appalled.......i hate it in fact i hate Soul Calibur's online component why? As im playing its easily noticeable who actually knows how to play and who continues to pull the same moves off over and over again. I fought someone with a Xianghua form and seriously dude what are you doing....you continusally use the SAME MOVES OVER.....AND OVER........AND OVER AGAIN and even after you beat him they continue with the same moves and it just sickens me! Then i fight somone with a Kilik character and they know how to play, they know how to use their high mid and low attacks perfects and with the long reach its impossible to beat them, to all soul calibur fans out there....dont get caught playing against a noob


First Blog Report. GIANT BOMB!

So far this site is absouloutly great, i found myself looking at the many parts of the site and was amazed about what Jeff, Ryan, Vinny and Brad have acomplished, if i had a hat i would tip it to you...the 4 great masters of the bomb!!