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PSN: Bloodham25

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Games: Killzone and AC4

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Sword Art Online is a great anime to start out with I know many of my freinds who don't watch anime have watched that then after I recommend watching Code Geass as it is hailed to be one the best anime's from my point of view.

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Your pretty much in luck if you want to be getting into RPG's next monday (Feb 4) Fire Emblem: Awakening comes out and from the reviews on other sites as well as just very simple impressions from the I Love Mondays this week it is one of the best 3DS games to have come out for the portable system, Fire Emblem is a perfect game that you can pick up and put down but it also takes alot of time to get invested into, Zelda is the exact same way where it can take you 20+ hours but if RPG's are your thing then right now is the perfect time for it.

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Before we had Endurance run and TANG to keep us occupied for weeks but a new series really hasen't been made to keep my attention on the site for a while now even though its probably because of the new design and with holidays coming and such but I think it would be cool for Gamespot and Giantbomb to do a multiplayer series 4vs4 for a couple of weeks (Or every other week, on their premium channel) in 2013, a number of different games could be played since we don't normally see them play alot of multiplayer it would be a great way to show off different games and I think it could be a really cool addition to the site what are some thoughts from other duders?

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When does the steam version unlock? right at midnight?

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@VisariLoyalist: Apparently on another forum guy was running a 560ti having some of the high performance killers (Lighting, Shadows) down to medium/low and was having no problems running 40+ FPS with older Geforce drivers.

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I don't think that the new driver update for Geforce drivers helps with any of the 500 series, I may be wrong but I got a 560ti and I'm really just not sure if I should get this for the computer or just xbox.

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I'm guessing at the start of the Head start (Or the launch depending on if people pre-purchased or not) wondering if people will have to send a message to someone once the guild is created, or is it going to be called out in mumble or on the Steam group?

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Signnnn meeee upppppppp

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I would be down for this, Guild Wars 1 was my first MMO then I got into WoW and now Guild Wars 2 will be my new love, how does one go about joining in something about a steam group?