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A fun enthralling MMO held down by server woes. 0

Final Fantasy games take you to universes that you want to explore, level up in and become the most bad ass character with a giant sword that anyone has ever seen. While Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn is a remake from the other installment in the series (Final Fantasy XIV) which drastically improves the leveling system and also adds the job system from FF3, this MMO becomes a fun enthralling edition to the series which only gets bogged down sometimes by Square Enix's websites and the lack of s...

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Mix ATV's with SSX tricky then you get something awsome Read More 0

I haven't ever been an ATV game fan or MX fan or anything like that in fact I pretty much loathed the MX vs ATV series but when you mix SSX style with insane crazy looking ATV's you basically get something that looks....awsome.So there is no story and I basically start out with a story line basis in every review and this being a racing games of sorts it dosen't have a story, instead Pure has a world tour mode like you see in most racing games like this with different stages that require a certai...

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This is a great game and a great addition to the tales series 0

Tales fanatics such as myself have been waiting for a great Tales game since...hmm probably Tales of Symphonia, without a doubt Tales of Vesperia delivers what we have seen throughout the Tales series from the great characters to the EFR-LMBS which.....ok that just the battle system but you know what i mean.Story:Alright first thing is first, is the story compelling and does it suck you in like past Tales games? the anwser is yes...and no...i've been playing this game non stop like a mad man for...

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Just an awsome game! 0

If you have been following any of my other game reviews then you should already know that I haven't gave a game a 10 out of 10 before…..some were really close to it but now…..well….this game has a story….and it must be told to everyone…..Ill start off with which I want to say…..this game is just unique it dosent take anything from any other game and totally recreates the way games should be made. The free roam experience and the ability to actually KILL anyone you want is just unbelievable I lov...

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A great mario game no matter what! 0

Not owning a Nintendo Wii and going through blockbuster about 8 times passing through the columns where everytime i would see Super Mario Galaxy on the shelfs and then i would walk into the Xbox 360 Column...i got so fed up with actually going through that column i was like you know just gonna do this, took the game rented it and brought it over to my freinds house to play it....was it worth it...uhhh....YES!!!This Mario game starts as any Mario game should with Princess Peach being ...

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First Burnout game, Pretty damn good 0

Well this was one of my most anticipated games when i finally got an Xbox 360and picked out all the games that i wanted and to be honest from what ive played only at class B right now its a pretty fullfully and worthy game of this score for these reasons that i will show right now.Lets get on to the gameplay since there is really no story at all...your basically just crashing into people and earning rep for your licence class to go up every time you win like 15 events or 30 or more.So when it co...

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True to the fans of Devil May Cry 0

So back in August i had a plan of what games i would get with the money that I had and this game turned out to be the final game that I new about so it was last on my list. Ive waited for a long time and heard the demo was coming out on the 25th of January and was really looking forward to getting an oppion on it.I got the demo played it and i had beaten in 3 times.....and was....pacing back and forth afterwords going...that....that wasent that great only playing 10 minutes then getting to a bos...

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From the makers of Final Fantasy comes Lost Odyssey 0

was excited, worried and also happy that this game was one of the first RPG's to come out this year, this game is infact a story telling game where you just get to fight and hear some pretty good voice acting but there are a couple of things that hold this game back from its true potential.First thing comes first im sorry to say to all who just decided to give this game a 9.5 and a can't give a game with a bad frame rate a 10 or a 9.5 thats just not going to happen...yes infact you must...

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This Sequel brings what a sequel should bring to the table. 0

Huge controversy upon getting this game.....I had to borrow my freinds Nintendo Wii just to play this game, and i had to give let him borrow my Xbox 360 and 3 games while i just play SMBB.....and it was worth it....i now have three games that have reached my 10 grade mark for all the games that I have reviewed....why does this game deserve a 10 you say? I will be going through story, gameplay, Graphics, Control, Sound, a newly introduced Multiplayer now to my reviews and of course my overall say...

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All in all this is a Ninja Gaiden game but...its kind of..mehh.. 0

Being a sequel to Ninja Gaiden or Ninja Gaiden black most would say, this lives up to the reputation....atleast thats what it only achieves, Ninja Gaiden is the exact same blood spilling, head splitting, controller slamming game we all love...or hate.Ninja Gaiden 2's story is more of a push over...its not great and it dosent really achieve much in the end, Of course you play the role as Ryu Hyabusa a ninja from the Hyabusa clan and as well as the son as Joe Hyabusa (seems like they ran out of ja...

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An Old School FPS 0

 was thinking about this game for a very very long time, being remarkably new to the series i was intriuged when seeing the PS3 version in action, seeing the graphics as well as foreign vehical gameplay caught my eye.Coming into the series (as well as being the only one standing infront of a midnight blockbuster to get this game, having no other mightnight launches of course...), I felt a bit uneven...saying to myself..."is anyone even going to buy this game other then me? or even rent it?" that...

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