Army of Two: The 40th Day: Trivializing Serious Shit

Just finished this game in co-op with my buddy and found it to be one of the most offensive games I've ever played.  It wasn't the stupid ass characters that did it though, it was all of the supposedly "serious" morality choices that caused a sour taste in my mouth.  You see the problem with Army of Two is that it's decidedly irreverent characters and story are littered with a multitude of moments in which I felt pure revulsion.    
In a game where one of the main characters jokingly talk about fucking a panda you should not have several scenes in which serious topics such as rape and child murder are main themes.  That's right, at one point in Army of Two you can make a choice that results in the rape of another human being and the murder of an innocent child! HOW FUCKED UP IS THAT?  
I fully support games in which difficult topics like this are addressed, but a game has to treat these topics with the respect that they deserve.  You have to earn the right to broach these topics, because trivializing serious shit is not "controversial" or "mature." Army of Two is a game with fist bumps and gold plated weapons, and it is fucked up that it is allowed to address serious topics in such a decidedly unserious atmosphere. This game is a great example of why some people view gamers as psychopathic fucks who are completely desensitized to violence.