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@thehbk said:

Really? I just put more RAM into my 360 and opened it to put a liquid cooler on it so i could overclock the CPU.

Oh me too. I just downloaded some new RAM and a new GPU. It's running so much better!

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I'm completely biased. I've been making a living off of YouTube for the past year. I really enjoy it. I love the fact that I can provide free videos to everyone due to ads. Ads make all this awesome free stuff possible. A lot of people like to say that using adblock is piracy and stealing food from the creators mouth. I personally don't know. I would still make YouTube videos if I wasn't getting paid for it, but when I lost my job it kept a roof over my family's head.

When people really bitch about having to watch a 30 second ad for a video that can sometimes be an hour long, that helps me out. It just makes me kind of annoyed. People love using the services but will bitch when places like Youtube looks at other ways to make a profit. Like subscriber fees. That sounds fucking awful to me. I like doing videos because it doesn't cost the viewer anything at all except a few minutes of their day to watch an ad or two.

Ads keep shit free... I think it's awesome.

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My playtime took just over an hour while playing Co-Op. I think it was actually a really good DLC. It's not, "MUST PLAY!" or anything but if you have some microsoft points and don't know what to play. I highly suggest it.

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Here are some screenshots from the Omega DLC coming out on Nov. 27th. Shows off the female Turian. Looks pretty interesting.

So what do you guys think?

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As the game went on I got progressively more and more uninterested. I mean, everything felt fine and everything. All the narrative was just boring as all hell. I felt like a powerful being like Death should be doing something more than just fetch quests.

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Xbox here. Cash is tight so I've mainly been just renting games for $3.50 for a week. Just easier than buying the game and never playing it after awhile.

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Pretty sure some of those helicopters bullets went right through her... I was actually pretty excited by some of the very first videos they showed off. This just looks really average and stiff while taking parts of other games and lumping them together.

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I still don't like how even though I bought the game off of Telltale's website, the PC version releases have so far all been later than the others. I mean, I bought it from the site thinking, "Oh of course it will release there first!" Oh well. Lesson learned. Can't wait to play it.

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Hi everyone. Below I'm going to post a video I did featuring the Xbox 360 exclusive mode. Sorry for my shitty commentary/skills. Hope this helps in making your choice to spend 320 MS points or not.

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Here's a gameplay video for Vanguard for anyone interested. I'm going to try to do every class and hopefully race. So stay tuned :D

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