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Crimson Dragoon and Crackdown 3

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He looks like Tim "The Tool Man" Taylor. I'm so going to be making Hrrr Hrr noises while playing this game

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Here is what you do for the next X-Men game

You release downloadable games that tell how the character joined the X Men (X Men:Wolverine,X Men:Storm,X Men:Jubilee,etc.charge $10 each ($15 for Wolverine) and then you release the big retail game about them kicking ass together as a team

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BANJO HAS BEEN SPOTTED IN THE PROFILE PIC OF THE TWITTER ACCOUNT OF XBOX TENT! (Also a cloud from the first level from Nuts&Bolts :o)

The account is followed by Major Nelson and other Xbox people and has alluded to being someone from Microsoft

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Nobody is asking the hard and important questions yet. Can I order Doritos from my Xbox through Crash Course 2?

Also secret shame: I still have Yaris on my HD and will never remove it because I'll never be able to download it again.

Yaris was the first XBLA game I downloaded and I thought it was okay. >_>

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why does EA get to be the only publisher making them? Why can't Raven do another or Obsidian? :(

yes,yes I know. money.

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First, look at this thing in the credits in Banjo-Kazooie:Nuts&Bolts.




What does that mean? 2008 was the year that Banjo-Kazooie:Nuts&Bolts came out, 2009 was the year that the DLC for Banjo-Kazooie:Nuts&Bolts came out and in 2013? it has to be a sequel to this game!

Now take a look at what is on Path Engine's website

1st January 13New Licensed Title

PathEngine is licensed for another title at Rare (Microsoft Game Studios)

As far as I know Banjo-Kazooie:Nuts&Bolts is the only game to use that middleware that comes from Rare.

Gregg Mayles the designer of Banjo-Kazooie:Nuts&Bolts (and past Banjo games) still works at Rare.

and then on the xbox live leaderboards they don't tell you how many people are ranked there, but one of my xbl friends is ranked like 600,000 in the first challenge and they were giving the game with 360's for a while and then these guys did a fun TNT on it and that was cool.

So yeah like Banjo-Kazoooie:Nuts&Bolts 2(working title) is in the works? :D?


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that xbox logo doesn't fit in with the rest of those designs. It's round while the others focus on sharp edges

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Horse Racing (Betting?) Jeff