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Blinx 3:Blinx3D (Pronounced blinxed), Voodoo Vince 2:Underwater and Blood Wake Two: Twin Torpedoes

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I like him, he reminds me of Ryan a lot.

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I guess Here comes the pain, Shut your Mouth and RAW 2 are the closest to the WWE rpgs now

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@rebgav said:

Not sure that I buy the idea of a 360 SOC in the new Xbox. It makes a lot of sense in terms of backwards compatibility or as a sub processor for Kinect stuff but sounds horribly expensive. If it facilitates the wholesale transfer of Xbox Live content to the new system, maybe it's justified? Dropping all of that XBLA content would be disastrous considering the already shaky confidence in the Arcade aspect of the service.

The Slim 360s already have a SOC(IIRC) and if the rumours are true that they are doing a small $100 360, then that would give them another reason to keep producing them. Unless the cost comes in from them putting them in the new hardware?

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they're merging with Gamespot

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Saints 2. So much felt taken away in 3 and the missions were terrible

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People love to hate on Johnny R., but do you remember how fucking abysmal EA was before he came on board? Cause I sure as hell do.

He gave us Dead Space, Dragon Age, Mass Effect and BF Bad Company 2. I, for one, will miss you John.

Mass Effect wasn't made by EA, it wasn't even funded by them.

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NL is enough video game wrestling for me

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The new Wiiware show

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I played the demo (in Japanese for some reason) like 5 times and I couldn't get in to it all. I also thought that smog filter they had on it was awful.