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82217 Black Tusk Studios Company Overview The city was Shanghai. SHANGHAI 01/18/14 01:32AM 1 Approved
78812 Cross-Player Concept Overview Perfect Dark had this before Left 4 Dead.???????????????????????????????? 01/03/14 02:09PM 3 Approved
69020 Mechanic Concept Overview Added Dead Rising 3 and Lococycle to the game list. 11/17/13 01:31AM 4 Approved
52383 Fable Legends Game Overview added overview and filled out some game details 08/25/13 03:06PM 85 Approved
49609 Chyna Character Overview added the intercontinental bit and changed the enemies, friends, and objects tab 08/14/13 05:04AM 13 Approved
41451 Alternate Fire Concept Overview added Perfect dark zero to the game appearances thing. 07/07/13 09:47AM 7 Approved
39454 Blinx the Time Sweeper Game Overview it has a 71 metacritic, that is not poor, especially 2002 metacritic 06/29/13 10:14AM 1 Approved
37862 Sonic Adventure Game Overview dreamcast collection was never released on PS3 so I changed it from that to PC which it was released for 06/23/13 01:24AM 1 Approved
26340 Zack Zero Game Overview I changed it to say it was coming out on to PC because it said PSN only so far and changed 3D platforming to 2D because the game has 2D platforming not 3 Dimensional platforming 04/29/13 01:44PM 8 Approved
24212 The Rock Character Overview He won the WWE Championship in January so I changed the number of times he won it to 8 and I added that Spyhunter game he was the main character of to his game appearances tab 04/21/13 03:26AM 8 Approved
19889 A World of Keflings Game Overview the "first release date" was wrong. 04/07/13 02:52AM 15 Approved
8315 Touge Concept Overview Japanese was misspelled 02/24/13 03:05PM 7 Approved
5792 WWE Championship Thing Overview I added champions to the character tab and took out two that didn't belong 02/19/13 12:48PM 17 Approved