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Didnt Kojima say his announcement was "Mind-blowing"?

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watched for 30 seconds and turned it off, annoyed with myself for even giving him the page view

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I understand that this is cool, but I have no idea what I'm looking at. can you give some context? I imagine the orange dots and red dots are ships?

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I was really hype for the AI driving in Forza. I think what they are doing is really awesome! I will miss it when I get my PS4

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Man I want a new system so bad, but the second this dude said Red ring of death I just had a horrible flashback. Maybe I will wait...

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Typing 'Sim City' into the main search bar comes up with no results. That doesn;t sound right

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I wouldnt put too much stock in that BuzzFeed article. You can tell its well thought out criticism when it has a link to "The 12 Most Horrifying Parts of Having Bangs"

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You're going to buy it, download 5 gigs, and then play what game?

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I am betting against Nintendo. They stopped making games and got rich selling waggle to moms, let them pull a sega and have a zelda come out on the ps4 and new xbox.