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I honestly thought it was some of the worst film making I've seen.. I really did want to like it, but it was just in my opinion bad

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Aww man I loved this game soo much, one of my favourtie E3 surprises.. The multiplayer was dumb fun and I really liked the world, for a game that retailed at $20 ($40 here) I'm surprised it's making a come back

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On Borderlands 1 I quit back to the dashboard before dropping back to the main menu and lost my level 65 soldier just before the DLC came out.

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This is such terrible news, I have been following Ryan and the Giantbomb guys for almost 10 years now, my heart goes out to everyone that knew him

R.I.P Ryan Davis

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This kind of killed me ( from his wedding ):

Gahhhh. Crying again.


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I remember a long while back when Patrick was drumming up support for The Auditions kickstarter, on Google+ i think?

But I thought it was pretty rad, I've always liked The Audition and then found out one of the members was Patrick Klepek's brother..

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Brick was the first I thought of, though I definitely think there are better movies. Its sooo fucking good though.

This! ask me anyday and I will say Brick..

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This is awesome and terrible news..

Well it's only terrible for me because my course starts the week before PAX :( and now this..

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I've only played through the first 3 missions so far, and I'm really enjoying it, kind of just wanted a fun shooter to play and I love the way it plays, I'm even a sucker for watching him reload every single bullet.

Also for $18 in a country where games are usually $100 I couldn't pass that up

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Having the superhard monsters spawn straight on top of the one you killed was super annoying, I managed to take down the giant cyclops, but before I could reap my spoils, the dark dragons thing spawned right on top of it..

I think the third level skill item's are cool, but could get tedious with the partial randomness associated..

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Glad to see the overwhelming positive response. I can't wait to pick this up. I S-Ranked the original - I have a question on that front. Is there a whole new set of achievements? Or does it just add the new DLC onto the existing set?

I don't think there are any new achievements.

I had a few left to go in OG DD and I have 40 of 50 here, so unless there was less than 50, nope..