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I think the scene is messed up, but at least contextualized in the game as a scene from an exploitation flick.

I think it still sucks that as a grown adult I can drink, vote, and watch anything I want but when it comes to video games my government still has a say to whether or not I'm allowed to play them, it's absurd.

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I miss you already Patrick.

Loved seeing you and everyone back in the office.

So long, and good luck.

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Nerang, Queensland, Australia

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Well I hope it's good because a Dead Rising movie doesnt sound that great of a move, but with Rob Riggle my interest is piqued

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It's cut down my actual playing because I try to take a cool photo every orc fight

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GT: Genkkaku

TZ: Australia

G: Atm Dead Rising/ Titanfall - I will be picking up any xbox exclusives though (or anything not PC bound like Destiny)

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I'm not sure what to think, Like it's an interesting as hell trailer but it's cut from so many different parts of the flick it looks impressive enough..

Though one of my film school teachers, who knows a lot of the Aussie film industry, did say that Warner Bros was about to take George Miller off of the edit because he'd been playing with it for months with unhappy results.. I still hope it comes out awesome because it looks like it has potential

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I honestly thought it was some of the worst film making I've seen.. I really did want to like it, but it was just in my opinion bad

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Aww man I loved this game soo much, one of my favourtie E3 surprises.. The multiplayer was dumb fun and I really liked the world, for a game that retailed at $20 ($40 here) I'm surprised it's making a come back

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On Borderlands 1 I quit back to the dashboard before dropping back to the main menu and lost my level 65 soldier just before the DLC came out.