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I've only played through the first 3 missions so far, and I'm really enjoying it, kind of just wanted a fun shooter to play and I love the way it plays, I'm even a sucker for watching him reload every single bullet.

Also for $18 in a country where games are usually $100 I couldn't pass that up

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Having the superhard monsters spawn straight on top of the one you killed was super annoying, I managed to take down the giant cyclops, but before I could reap my spoils, the dark dragons thing spawned right on top of it..

I think the third level skill item's are cool, but could get tedious with the partial randomness associated..

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Glad to see the overwhelming positive response. I can't wait to pick this up. I S-Ranked the original - I have a question on that front. Is there a whole new set of achievements? Or does it just add the new DLC onto the existing set?

I don't think there are any new achievements.

I had a few left to go in OG DD and I have 40 of 50 here, so unless there was less than 50, nope..

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PC to TV in my room through HDMI.. and a Mac Mini through HDMI in the Lounge room..

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I had the Accordion Lullaby from the end of the Blake Lake prototype from Amnesia Fortnight, because it was awesome.. But atm I'm using the Luigi's Mansion Ringtone, because that it also super cool

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The summation of my thoughts: Infinite Ferrystone!

I mean I was pretty stocked up the last time I played it, but damn, does it take out the need to run everywhere (But after a 100 hours and literally having walked everywhere I am okay with it).. Haven't played the new area a bunch yet, got up to the giant cyclops, and he crushed me in one go, but I do like the idea of finding Augments, not yet finding a useful one for my character.. Also forgot how much I loved the original, and at least it doesn't have it's own set of Achievements, or I'd be hunting them down..

Also since it wasn't a full price game I'm alright with having to buy another copy (Especially here in Aus where the prices are crazy)

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This is the very definition of bitter/sweet news.. So long Dave, I will miss thee!

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There's trucks, and some area's were one could fight with them

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I'd probably get on of the 27 true runes from Suikoden.. Now that I think about it I might, they're subtle enough that the won't look from a game..

My mate is pretty much covered in game tattoo's, he has the Nintendo seal of approval on his calf, his left leg has a Mario Bros themed tattoo that wraps around his whole leg and the Umbrella symbol on his upper back..

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25, married and with a career? Ugh thanks for making me feel worse. I'm about to turn 24 and I don't have any of that stuff yet.

I second this...

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Gold Coast, Australia