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It's the same as someone who doesn't read books asking the appeal of books.. It's another medium, and there are stories told in anime that you won't get anywhere else.. I think Baccano! is one of the best things ever and everyone should watch that..

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Get it

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$60 for a 4-5 hour game, unless you plan on playing it twice (there's a kinda decent reason to) then no I don't think it's worth it.

It's only a four hour game if the person playing it is dumb as hell.

Indeed. I spent 5 hours on the first mission alone just trying to explore all the options in the level. Its almost comparable to hitman in the way there are a ton of contextual things in the environment that you can use to setup kills.

Same, I clocked in over 6-7 hours on the game by the time I got back to the Home Base area.. I'm surprised I haven't seen more people compare it to Hitman, as it constantly reminds me of that, small sand-boxed levels and complete freedom (well a lot of freedom) in how to attack each once..

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The Engineer.. He has a flamethrower, what else do you want?

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Discovery and overcoming adversity.. but mostly discovery

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I just kinda wing it as I go.. If there's a guy that needs to die he'll die, I'm trying to be stealthy during my first playthrough but not super stealthy it's fun to just you know get spotted, poses the guy and then walk him off a bridge

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The Minority is always the most vocal

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Game of the year for me so far, unless the new Hitman can really surprise me

Same.. It's also kind of funny how similar these two games are

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Playing on hard.. and so far it's not to difficult

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That teaser trailer got me more excited for this game than any game I've wanted to play before.. I mean the more he talks to more I just want the damn thing...

Just watching the cockpit view is nothing short of awesome, I'd use a Steel Battalion style controller for this