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@DCFGS3 said:
" If I download this from steam, will it still be censored?"
Yeah it'd be from the australian store, so i'm pretty sure you'll get the edited version, im just gonna import it..
@DCFGS3 said:
"FYI: For anyone who wants to know why exactly it's censored in Australia, it's because the old farts who run the censor board can't be fucked bringing in an R rating for games, the highest in Australia is MA 15+ "
Yeah i sucks how if a game isn't acceptable for a 15 year old teen, a group of people get to say it's unacceptable for the whole of Australia.. also the ratings board is so damn inconsistent they should scrap the whole thing and get some people who know how to do their goddamn job
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@AgentJ: Personally yes, I havn't finished it yet but i had so much fun playing it.. that said 5 and 3 are pretty different that they both warrent a play.. but i prefer 5 it pretty much takes what was good about the first two and blends them
@vidiot said:
" I suggest Suikoden Gaiden. 
Yes, learn Japanese, import it and play it. Failure to do so will result in me thinking less of you as a human being.  "

I want to do that to play as Nash Laktje
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Who would it be.. Cameo or Full Return..
I'd love to see Riou in a cameo as head of state, 


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@Hailinel said:
" @AgentJ: Well, the gameplay in Suikoden IV, for one thing.  As interesting as the characters were, the gameplay was just terrible.  Imagine navigating the world on a slow-moving ship, kind of like Wind Waker, except getting hit with the random encounter rate of Skies of Arcadia.  Not even finding Viki and gaining the ability to teleport around the world could fix everything that was broken in that game.But the other games?  Heck yeah.  Go for'em. "
It's funny how much negative comment's i find about 4 and the only major problem i had with it was only be able to choose 4 rather than the standard 6, the ship travel did get a little tedious but when i found the speed button that made it much better, 3 is actually the hardest for me to get into, i havn't played it much but i plan to go back and start it again (coz i just love the way the story unfolded in the manga)
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Whats the time difference to Australia?

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@Napalm said:

"What? It really is only one blip that shows you the general area all of the pieces are in. "

It's as Freaksaus says, if you pick up the pieces it points to in order it leads you to them.. But if you pick up a different piece first it stays in the same spot.. i did the assault rifle, and the sniper quests with two different characters (one SP one CO-OP) and it did both
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Im so in 
 GT: Genkkaku

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@hungrynun said:
" @Genkkaku said:
" Just on the Gun Assembly quests, it continually shows me where a piece i already had was.. spent 10 minutes finding the last revolver piece "
I think it actually is designed to show you the general area to find all the pieces. It's your job to find all 4. "
Yeah i thought that, but sometimes the blip stays on the one spot, and other times it shows were each individual piece is (on the same quests as well)
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Just on the Gun Assembly quests, it continually shows me where a piece i already had was.. spent 10 minutes finding the last revolver piece

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GT: Genkkaku
Also I'm an Aussie