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I played it and really liked the Lvl up system, didn't mind the graphics but the game just played really badly that i probably couldn't force myself to play for more than and hour or so

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Me before and after my haircut's

 I was John Lennon for a school thing (i don't think i pulled it off)

First thing i did when i got my iPhone was take a stupid picture of myself
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@Siris said:
" The love? First of all, its hard to love a game that isn't even out. Second, the past games have been so bad that its easy to explain why no one loves or even cares about this one. "
The Budokai Tenkaichi series is actually pretty good, all the the others arnt relly good
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And the witch Morigan is done by Claudia Black who did Chloe Frazer in Uncharted 2 as well.. Listening to them talk to each other is so wierd
EDIT: The guys name is Steve Valentine he was in Crossing Jordan

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Ludicrous Speedway is a reference to spaceballs when they travel at Ludicrous Speed

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In order to catch up i went back, i'm still in July

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I chose the PC over 360 due to the fact that it looks like the controls area alot less clunky on the PC

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@DCFGS3 said:
" If I download this from steam, will it still be censored?"
Yeah it'd be from the australian store, so i'm pretty sure you'll get the edited version, im just gonna import it..
@DCFGS3 said:
"FYI: For anyone who wants to know why exactly it's censored in Australia, it's because the old farts who run the censor board can't be fucked bringing in an R rating for games, the highest in Australia is MA 15+ "
Yeah i sucks how if a game isn't acceptable for a 15 year old teen, a group of people get to say it's unacceptable for the whole of Australia.. also the ratings board is so damn inconsistent they should scrap the whole thing and get some people who know how to do their goddamn job
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@AgentJ: Personally yes, I havn't finished it yet but i had so much fun playing it.. that said 5 and 3 are pretty different that they both warrent a play.. but i prefer 5 it pretty much takes what was good about the first two and blends them
@vidiot said:
" I suggest Suikoden Gaiden. 
Yes, learn Japanese, import it and play it. Failure to do so will result in me thinking less of you as a human being.  "

I want to do that to play as Nash Laktje
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Who would it be.. Cameo or Full Return..
I'd love to see Riou in a cameo as head of state,