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I want to pick up one of these during the steam sale. I would get both but I doubt I would have time to play both. Any suggestions: Hearts of Iron 3 or Unity of Command, or is there a better hexy turn based war game that I do not know about?

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Did this ever happen?

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Super Mario World

Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo

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Hey, I am interested in picking up a PS3 but there are multiple bundles to choose from at the stores in my area.

I like the look of the white 500gb with a year of ps plus for 299, but there is a black 250gb with infamous collection and uncharted collection for 229.

The second is the better deal right? Is the 500gb extremely necessary?

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Have you purchased any additional characters? Is it possible to draw the same character twice? That would be a major bummer. I tried twice and received Final Fantasy favorites, imp and bartz. I bought it, I like seeing the old characters, guess I am the sucker and part of the problem. Sorry dudes.

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Has anyone tried to play this on a macbook pro? Just curious because I tried to play the demo through steam, and all it gave was an exe file.

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Thanks, looks like I will be reading the Thrawn Trilogy sometime soon!

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I recently picked up a copy of I, Jedi on a whim. I was just curious if any one had Star Wars' book recommendations, or knew which ones to avoid. I am not to concerned about which era of the galaxy the books are set in, just more curious as to which are the best and worst. Thanks for any input!

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The Comedy