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I'm cautiously optimistic about this what guarantee do we have the this map is full of worthwhile things to see and do? and not just miles and miles of copy pasted ruins and forests I'd hate to see Zelda fall into the trap of quantity of over quality that some western open world games have fallen into

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Conker live and reloaded looks incredible it makes the fact that Microsoft has canned all of Rareware's ips even more depressing

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And may god have mercy on your wallets

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it's farcical that a film can be pulled in the 21st century

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I always liked Craig's unconventional humour and style of interviewing I've never really liked James Corden and I hope his tenure can change my opinion of him

My account sadly has lost the last scrap of it's relevance

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two women hold hands and walk into a phallic portal?

Hideaki Anno just started weeping and he doesn't know why

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It looks like it's holding back a sneeze

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Finally people can experience the awkward Engrish the way it should be

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I keep hearing about how the Metroid fanbase despises this game so much it's become a running joke can someone articulate to me why?