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#1 Posted by George1St (52 posts) -

Are you SURE it's plugged in?


That could be one of a lot of issues:

1. Are ALL drivers up to date (sound peripherals also chip set and bios updates)

2. Is your computer well ventilated and not overheating

3. virus/ male ware run them scans son!!

4. It could be one component failing- a bad stick of ram, failing HDD etc etc.

I could go on but I won't you could start by going to the windows performance and reliability monitor. There you will have a graph showing when a fault occurred and what probably caused the issue (application failure, hardware failure etc) that will give you more information on where to start looking.

There is also memtest to check RAM, run chkdsk from windows on your HDD's etc etc.

That's all I can think of off the top of my head but hope it helps.

#2 Posted by George1St (52 posts) -

I use the bit fenix survivor core case well made rugged cool and has a ton of space for expand-ability.

Had it for a year or so with no problems whatsoever.

#3 Posted by George1St (52 posts) -

can't resist on this one. I don my full leather bike gear (max protection lightweight) go into the garden and cut some of my step dad's scaffolding down to a manageable size as it's durable and good for head caving in, then stock up on supplies (my mum is prepared for the apocalypse) so tons of non perishable goods and empty all containers for water before it shuts off. After that we own a small yacht suitable for six people so unfortunately I would have to take my family (they don't make good cannon fodder as it'd be hard using them as a human shield and they are old XD) and maybe another friend or two that are young and fit to help, Then we sail out to one of the small unpopulated islands around the British Isles and only hit the mainland for supplies (small villages for lower population and again stealth is key). Most important I pack the zombie survival guide and any other books of a similar nature for basic shelter and food etc.. And yes I have thought about it and if you haven't you are what we the prepared ones call dinner. Happy New Year!

#4 Posted by George1St (52 posts) -

mobility and stealth are key so anywhere? Best bet is to find an island surrounded by cliffs (in the uk here) so one of the outer islands around Scotland. Then I'd use my step-dads boat (same thing that got me too the island) too stage raids for supply's....I've thought about this way too much ^^

#5 Posted by George1St (52 posts) -

i've heard this rant waaaay too many time's the physco's are NOT that hard, I beat most if not all of them the first playthrough. Fair play it  may have taken me a few try's but geeeez if you play the game enough you get used too the  nuances of the combat and only a a child/simpleton could not figure out the stupid repeated patterns that they go through (the chef just hit him as he eats, the guy in the bathroom just avoid his rapid lunge and shiv him harder than he can shiv you, as for the snipers and any others they are too easy too mention, If  the twins gice you trouble 2 things get quickstep and boxing gloves+ knife as with all of them!) take this simple advice play more and get better. I may be coming off as a dick but the game is piss easy and this thread has been started too many times too count. P.S  boxing day drink makes this a null argument as I probably won't remember posting this tommorow you can always get a friend too play with you this not  only makes it more fun but half as difficult too.

#6 Posted by George1St (52 posts) -

I don't play zerg but: spread creep earlier, drone harder, use your first units too take any xel'naga towers, spread out your overlords all over the map too grant better vision, keep an army of speelings seperate from your main army and as soon as they move out charge in with them to force the retreat or they suffer huge damage, sacrafice an overloard every so often too see what tech structures they have..hmmmm main problem with that specific replay was that hydras MELT too collosi and they should not be the bulk of your army unless he's going mass air so you had no chance but if you knew they where coming earlier you could have got some corruptors or massed roaches instead.
Also and this is key you never really pressured him if you had maybey 10 mutas you could have bounced between his base's picking off probes and pylons keeping his army tied up in defence or forcing lots of resources on cannons, as you hit his expo with mutas and see his stalkers go too defend push the front with your roach hydra lings and check out   
 if your on the EU server we could play?

#7 Posted by George1St (52 posts) -
@entropy86:  well i've had one snow day at work fingers crossed for tommorow too, so stop working so hard and lets get it on!! Too many 2vs2 with you have encouraged me too play 1vs1 wrong now.
#8 Posted by George1St (52 posts) -

i'm game  and the streaming would be awesome as i'll probably fail hard.

#9 Posted by George1St (52 posts) -

heads up as i haven't seen a FINALLY UK RELEASE thread.. i just ordered deadly premonition from gameplay for £16.99 :)

#10 Posted by George1St (52 posts) -

F.Y.I when it asks if you want to post your blog to a forum if you just navigate away from the page (click the giant bomb logo for example) you will get alot less hate for posting a one line topic to the forums and as said before check the endurance of persona 4 abosolutely amazing!

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