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War is the Only Enemy Worth Fighting 0

Valiant Hearts is a World War I puzzle adventure game with an elementary school approach to education. It's simple, clean and very straightforward. Historical facts abound through hidden collectibles but the focus of the game is the human relationships in the middle of the war. And not necessary those of the "main" characters - no, Valiant Hearts is just about relationships in general. Well, relationships during a fucked up time. The game has four main characters who are also joined by an adorab...

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Ninja Theory Did Not Take A Devil May Care Approach With This Devil May Cry 0

Yes, the sound effects and reload animation for this Shotgun is exactly the same as in DMC. That's what you call attention to detail kids. Also, love. Also, crazy. DmC Devil May Cry comes with my full recommendation to character action game fans who have history with the series and also those looking for a way into the genre. DmC isn't especially challenging until the later, unlockable difficulties, and is I think a good starting point if you've played some action games but have shied away from ...

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A Miserable Pile, But Not Without Redemption 0

The writer was inebriated during the writing of this document and cannot be held responsible for its energy.Castlevania is one of those franchises. As of the date of this writing, it's still hard to imagine a world where the franchise isn't important to games, regardless of its general absence from the big-budget 3D space. When Lords of Shadow was announced, there was much collective anxiety abound - of course Castlevania may rule the 2D adventure roost but its other attempts at bringing its fam...

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Samurai Gunn Brings Back Bushido 0

You don’t need to read any other reviews of this game. In fact you barely need to read this one. Can you see this text in the review preview? Good. Here’s the gist: buy this game. Ok, wait. Do you have 1-3 friends you can physically play with? Yes? Well then get ready my friend, because you just bought the best brawler since Super Smash, the best bushido game since Bushido Blade, and hands-down the most samurai, best samurai video game since Onimusha slashed its way into our hearts a...

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Magma Fortress Forges a Classic with Hoplite 2

This review is for the iPad and iPhone versions of the game, both of which come with my highest recommendation as Hoplite is easily one of the best games I’ve played all year. Best of class in design, sound and art. It’s the first since the dawn of the so-called mobile games to capture my attention in any meaningful way. And though this review isn’t about gaming habits, it’s worth noting that Hoplite plays to the strengths of those devices. Clearing a level doesn’t ...

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So Close, Still Far: A Classic in the Making 0

Like the game to which it’s attached, this review is largely a graveyard. Though you won’t find Vikings, varl and caravan buried here, only other, lesser reviews. What a hard time I had putting my thoughts to paper! The Banner Saga isn’t a long game, nor is it an especially complex or controversial release. So what’s with my confusion and hesitation? Simply put, this game challenges a lot of basic, but very important game standards: decision making and tactics are old, old hats even in game year...

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Batman Batman Batman! 0

By the time I reached the conclusion of Arkham Asylum, I was spent. Exhausted. The thought of beating up another random group of thugs bored me to tears. I needed a break. So I ignored City when it came out in 2011, and sat biding my time, waiting for the right moment to leap from the shadows and back into the man I was born to be. And hooo boy – let me tell you: four years was all the break I needed. Arkham City may fail to reach the atmospheric highs of Asylum, but it is through and through a ...

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More than Metroidvania: Juan & Tostada Suplex the Genre into Another Dimension 0

At first blush Guacamelee! appears to be little more than an exceptionally good-looking metroidvania, another in a long line of 2D combat-based-platformers. But it doesn't take long to realize that the mechanics are a real cut above the rest of the crowd - in fact, they are an exemplary display of fun fighting systems. If there is such a thing is 2D AAA, this is it. Borrowing just as much from games like Dust & Marvel vs. Capcom as it does Metroid, Guacamelee! has a truly exciting and refres...

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Sky Murder: Another Fun Game Shot Down By Microtransactions 0

There's so much to be excited about when it comes to Sid Meier's Ace Patrol. It's a tactical, turn-based World War I flight combat game. Usually you'd have to play what those old folks call board games to get this setting or one of those "flight simulators" (shudder). Ace Patrol will be conceptually familiar to anyone who just came off the recent XCOM train or played Factions. That said, in Ace Patrol, movement, rather than attacking and using abilities is where much of the strategy lies.One rea...

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Simple game? Or shocking simulation of life? 0

Very often Douche Defender feels like the videogames your mother warned you about. It’s a little bit like those old websites that still exist in places on the internet. No one thing tips you off, but you feel it in your gut: I shouldn’t be here. Still, like all Big Head Mode games, Douche Defender isn’t without its charms. And this one comes with deep insights too.And here I am, hard at work playing Douche Defender. Chris is guilty by the way. This is an easy hint. Only regular guys are too afra...

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Fun for a Flash, Not Worth the Cash 0

A little known fact is that Injustice: Rapid Swipe was very nearly the final name for this product before focus groups got their filthy hands on it.Every now and then a game comes along that makes me question my approach to reviews. Normally I try to review games on two sliding scales: the first measures the game only against itself, what its systems and presentation promise and aspire to; the second measures the game against similar and noteworthy titles on the platform. The problem with the Ap...

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A Shadow of its Future Self? 0

While Star Command promises and achieves a lot, it falls short in a few very important places. This is a game I wanted to love, but had to put down all too soon. While I didn't follow the Kickstarters or much of the news about this game, the hype had reached me all the same; FTL was one of my favourite games of 2012, and I was very excited to try out Star Command, which, from a distance, appeared to be a super-sized FTL. I don't mean to be a comparazoid, but I feel it's valuable in this case.Wh...

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The Best Example of Space Captain Simulation Yet 0

It’s hard not to get hyperbolic when I talk about FTL. Is it technically perfect, by this or that standard? Maybe not. Maybe some random events repeat too often and maybe the balance of ships and weapons isn't flawless. But listen to me: FTL is a ground-breaking, earth-shaking, solar system-quaking, knock-out of doom. Awesome, fun, likeable doom.Permadeath is the buzzword you’ll be reading about more and more, and its latest popularity is probably due to the FTL-XCOM one-two punch that hit us in...

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Nearly There: Incredible Core, Uneven Wrapper 0

Max Payne 3 is an excellent, but flawed new take on the franchise. At its core, the nugget of gameplay that makes Max Payne so fun (almost unfairly fun, really), the slow motion shoot dodging, is smoother and more stylish than it’s ever been. The surrounding package – the UI, story, presentation and pacing, however, do leave something to be desired.1. Slow motion is really cool. 2. Guns are fantastic. John Woo put these two things together a long time ago and created what we call today balls-to-...

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Strong, but not Sticky 0

It only took 16 months and 22 hours, but I finally beat Bastion. In a world where you can buy a dozen games for a dollar it’s easy to stack a backlog longer than your lifetime. Far too many games slip between the cracks and, frankly, Bastion was about to. It was the trailer for developer Supergiant Games’ upcoming Transistor that urged me back to the falling tile world for the umpteenth time. Since the wiki is a click a way, head there if you're looking for a description of the game.Bastion is n...

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Snack of the Year 0

Hotline Miami is a top-down puzzle-shooter with very strong visual character and a deadly soundtrack of finely curated deep and dark electronic beats. The super colourful and lovingly animated bit-styled graphics elevate it outside the range of most retro-inspired games. This is a fresh, invigorating game, through and through. I was no where near Miami in 1989, but I'm damn sure it was just like this.Tony the Tiger, among the game's best masks.Playing Hotline can mostly be described as a long se...

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