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I know this is cliche, but why doesn't Nintendo either A) Put all of their previous gen. games on the eShop, or B) Seriously put Pokemon on iOS.

Pokemon is a system seller (3DS), why would they put that on iOS?

I completely agree about the prev. gen. eShop games.

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Acquired taste

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Does anyone know why they call DBZ one-hit KO super attacks "mexibeams"?


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Ok, so there's two obvious camps here:

People who think Fish is some kind of Christ-dev-genius forever tormented by the Man

People who think he is a Manchild-Satan-spawned-imp who begs for mistreatment with self-righteous glee and then cries himself to sleep

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I'll wait for someone to write up something on what the fuck just happened there. I hate trying to sift through twitter drama because the whole story is never out in the open.

Couple days ago when the whole 'MS is letting people self-publish' rumor was flying around, game news sites (polygon, etc) asked Phil Fish and Jon Blow for comment. They declined.

Then yesterday on Invisible Walls (a podcast/video thing over at Marcus Beer called them "fucking hipsters" and "toss pots" for declining to comment.

Fish asked (in typical Fish fashion) for an apology from Beer. Beer responded by offering an interview where he could "explain himself" or whatever.

Fish said, "fuck that, I'm out".

Finally, someone fucking explains it! Thanks, mate.

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I can't stop tearing up

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I am crying. I can't believe it. The world has lost a wonderful man. My condolences to his wife, family, friends and, of course, the BombSquad. I... I need to take a sick leave.

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FluxWaveZ stats

Got everyone to come with me at the camp except for Vince. Was shocked by how many people lied to Leland.

Russel's episode was the one I disliked the most. I tried to shoot his crazy partner when I had the chance, but it didn't let me. Also, I would have liked the option to rob the old couple of their food without killing them, but eh.

My favorite was probably Shel's. Reminded me of Episode 2 of Season 1 and it had the hardest decision for me to make by either leaving in the RV or killing Stephanie.

I finished it today and in the stats all decisions were exactly 50% Could it be a bug?

My decisions:

  1. Shot the scammer's foot (Justin?), felt like the ambiguously pedophilic dude was might have actually been falsely convicted based on his standing up for others... Regretted it when, during the end confrontation with Tavia, they mention they were glad he died before young Becca joined them (yikes).
  2. Stayed in the car. I was really unsure about this one. First I thought I should get down there as I trust my own aim with the gun better than the plot's but thought I could choose for both of us to go. Ended up winning the roshambo game and abandoned Eddie unintentionally.
  3. I left with the RV. Becca was developing into a cold nihilist and I wanted to halt that. After my choice to spare the infiltrator backfired, I thought I'd cut my losses.
  4. I left Nate. I got some serious rapey vibes off that dude, thought it would be best for Russell to get as far as possible from him.
  5. I lied to Leland. Bonnie was already flirting with Leland inspite of knowing he was married. Why start fucking shit up with honesty? Plus, I failed the QTE where you kill Dee and that bitch outright KILLS YOU when you do. It was her or Bonnie. Didn't end up mattering since Leland dies by the end.

Vince and Russell stayed and the rest left with Tavia. I got real bummed about Russell staying. Would staying with that potential rapist and murderer really make him trust people more? The fuck?

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I'd like to get a PS4 and a WiiU eventually. The only game that hurts not playing is Titanfall, but who knows? Maybe it will become multiplat in the future.