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The Wolf Among Us and The Witcher 2.

I liked the TWAU well enough and I'm pretty excited for a new season. However, I do agree with Alex's criticism that it doesnt benefit much from its episodic format. I also thought some of the characterizations were inappropriate in comparison to the aource material, particularly Snow White.

I never thought I'd play the Witcher but since it was on sale recently on xbox live, I picked it up. It was a great game. It had a bit of a steep learning curve but once I realized blocking and reposting are worthless and what you should do is dodge like a mad man and cast quen over and over, it all fell into place. I dont usually involve myself with crafting systems but I gave the alchemy stuff a try. It seemed to help in the beginning when I was underleveled but quickly became more of a drag than a benefit.

By the end, my witcher was close to unstoppable with maxed out quen, aard and swordsmanship.

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I really hated the first season and the changes it introduced to the world of Avatar. The fact that everybody can metal bend, lightning bend and even blood bend now really cheapens what were crazy abilities in the first season. I wouldn't be surprised (but I would still be very much disappointed) if Mako and other firebenders started using blue flames like it was nothing.

For me the comedy has been very hit-or-miss throughout the first two seasons (with emphasis on miss). It's just way more childish than it was in the first series (it is for 12 yo so whatevs) and much more reliant on anime-style overreaction and ironic interruptions. It feels especially inappropriate since the original Team Avatar were much younger than Korra's. I swear they are way more immature than their Last Airbender counterparts.

I thought the premise of Season 1 was great but rushed and badly executed. It didn't really go anywhere and didn't feel as consequential to the world as Aang's anti-genocidal quest. Korra's Season 2's premise wasn't as inventive but was better done (plus we all loved the Wan specials) and HOLY SHIT, all those changes to the universe of Avatar. I was really surprised but actually think it's a good move. It's time they dissassociated Korra from Last Airbender and cut ties completely so the series can stand on its own merits. I love Last Airbender but hated that most callbacks were disappointing at best and forced at worst (I'm looking at you, Iroh) If they want to go back to those characters they should do a special or animate the comic book epilogues.


What the fuck was that kaiju shit at the end of Season 2? I can't understand it for the life of me. I remember the lion turtle in the Last Airbender taught Aang to bend the energy within theirselves (their soul? their chakra?) like the ancients did and that's how he was able to take away the Fire Lord's bending. Was that what Korra did? Learn how to bend raw energy itself and created a kaiju? She did it without Rava, does that mean anyone can do it? I mean, her whole thing's she sucks at spirituality so any middling guru should be able to destroy the world, right? And what about Tenzin's daughter? How come she was able to revive Rava even though she said it would take tens of thousands of years to do so?


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"Not having one isn't automatically sexiest"

I agree 100%

Having two playable sexes would be sexier.

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This really isn't the place, brah. Our demographics are crazy skewed toward Young White Males.

I'd recommend reading up a bit more on evolution and sexual selection.

Or go ask these questions on a scientific community like AskScience on Reddit.

On the "males doing all the wooing", look up the phenomenon of choosy females and the Bateman's Principle.

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@hammondoftexas said:

I know this is cliche, but why doesn't Nintendo either A) Put all of their previous gen. games on the eShop, or B) Seriously put Pokemon on iOS.

Pokemon is a system seller (3DS), why would they put that on iOS?

I completely agree about the prev. gen. eShop games.

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Acquired taste

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Does anyone know why they call DBZ one-hit KO super attacks "mexibeams"?


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Ok, so there's two obvious camps here:

People who think Fish is some kind of Christ-dev-genius forever tormented by the Man

People who think he is a Manchild-Satan-spawned-imp who begs for mistreatment with self-righteous glee and then cries himself to sleep

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@hakunin said:

@colourful_hippie said:

I'll wait for someone to write up something on what the fuck just happened there. I hate trying to sift through twitter drama because the whole story is never out in the open.

Couple days ago when the whole 'MS is letting people self-publish' rumor was flying around, game news sites (polygon, etc) asked Phil Fish and Jon Blow for comment. They declined.

Then yesterday on Invisible Walls (a podcast/video thing over at Marcus Beer called them "fucking hipsters" and "toss pots" for declining to comment.

Fish asked (in typical Fish fashion) for an apology from Beer. Beer responded by offering an interview where he could "explain himself" or whatever.

Fish said, "fuck that, I'm out".

Finally, someone fucking explains it! Thanks, mate.