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Not as much info as I'd like

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Bows all day, erreday

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Is it really that hard to push in the stick for the objective?

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I cancelled my subscription about 3 months ago. I was playing ME3 multiplayer and summoning fools to help me out in Dark Souls. Right after that, I realized I didn't want to play multiplayer for anything anymore and that I did not make use of any of the "perks" Gold offers. I have never (EVER) bought anything that was discounted for Gold members, I have never won any of their sweepstakes, and I don't use Netflix or Hulu on my TV anymore.

It is simply too expensive. My next console choice will pretty much be dictated by who can give me the best online value. Right now, it seems Sony's where it's at.

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@Kidavenger said:

2:12 of waiting for a song to start...

Yeah, I have to say. Here delivery is far from "insane". She sounds like she is praying or something, extremely monotonous.

We need to cleanse our lyrical paletes

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How dare they not put Analogue: A Hate Story in the actual Narrative list!

Real cool to have this list on the site. I'll try to go through these games this year.

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@Trainer_Red said:

@Animasta: How about in general? What Anime would you recommend me?

I want something over the top, extremely gory and something with a lot of epic fight scenes maybe even some superpowers or something. English only though.

@DocHaus said:

@Trainer_Red: Try Darker Than Black if you're in a Chinese Electric Batman mood.

Watching it now. Looks kind of cool.

How about something like I described above?

Look up "Gantz". I've been thinking of watching it myself. I believe it covers what you describe but it seems a bit more on the mature side of the anime spectrum.

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@Doctorchimp said:

@Ryax said:
" @Doctorchimp said:
" I don't care about Haiti... "
same here. were not bad people right? "
I have no clue...but hey no one can say I'm not honest.....(well at least about Haiti)

It just means, like a vast majority of people, you find it difficult to feel genuine empathy for those not in your immediate social sphere or who you not relate with.

A good person should not let this preclude a self-cultivated sense of ethical solidarity toward our fellow men, however, especially when they are victims to something as (at least at first) apolitical as a natural disaster.

@Ryax said:

i can honestly say that haiti has no purpose or effect on the worlds economy and we could use the money were donating to help our countries

This is akin to saying that victims of accidents should not be helped if they are poor.