My Physics Project

For my Physics midterm a couple weeks ago me and my friends had to make a catapult, and the teacher said if i were to document the process i would get an extra 5 points, so i did. I just finished editing it and this and here is the catapult we made and how we made it...kind of.

I would love to hear from some people who know a lot more about physics and engineering then we do. About what we did wrong and how we fucked up. The specifics of the project were it couldn't be more then a meter by 3/4 of a meter, it had to have one form of torsion and one of tension, and it had to make it in to a bucket exactly 8 meters away.


My thoughts about Diablo 2 and 3

I don't like Diablo 2. Now let me explain, I'm a 17 year old kid who has been playing games his whole life. I hadn't played a Diablo game till about 2 months before the release of Diablo 3. Everyone was talking about how fucking big it was going to be and how amazing Diablo 2 was and how its been so long blah blah blah. So I went on amazon found Diablo 2 and brought it.

Now i got the game I installed it picked my class (Druid) and I was off, and Wow did I have a shit time I had no idea what anything was, the game looked like shit, and yes I understand that it was 2000 and thats just what games looked like. What I don't understand are the people who say Diablo 3 doesn't look like Diablo. The game barely had a art style(Diablo 2) at least from my point of view. Also i would just look at the box for Diablo 3 and think this does say Diablo on it and it looks like this so this must be what Diablo looks like. They never really Explained anything, it was hard to compare loot, all the loot i got looked the same.Then I died lost it all and said well fuck it looks like I'm done here.

The Diablo 3 came out it was kind of a cluster fuck on day one i waited to get it till after Brad's review read it, he liked it so i thought i probably would got the game, and well sure as shit i did like it beat it the first time my girl looked completely different I felt so much more badass and i had gotten all the cool skills, and i thought about my time with Diablo 2 and said well shit i didn't feel any different after beating the first act or look any different.

Then I hit the forums and there just just shit tons of people talking mess about Diablo 3. How its a piece of shit nothing like the first game. I thought well i couldn't like and shit game and dislike a good one gave Diablo 2 another chance but still no luck.

I think it's probably a generational thing how everyone who loved Diablo 2 and say it just kind of has a certain feeling about it that Diablo 2 just can't capture. Well its the other way around for me.


My thoughts on Saints Row

Saints Row The Third is a game that i love, with that said it's not due to the shooting or any of the side actives, not to say that either of those thing are bad just not particularly great. Most of the side activities come from Saints Row 2, they're all pretty good the first few times you do them but that's about all i want to do, because after that they just get frustrating and boring. There's not really anything bad to say about the shooting, it's just not spectacular. The reason why saints row is a good game is because of the crazy VTOL vehicles, the inclusion of Burt Reynolds, and the writing.