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Great game with a few caveats 0

Far Cry 3, while it may not be as ambitious as Far Cry 2, but it’s just a better game. In so many different ways from the shooting to the art direction it improves on the neat ideas Far Cry 2 had and turns them into a much greater product , where you explore this giant tropical island, hunting tigers, sharks and bears, and taking bake out post from the pirates for the indigenous people. (The Rakyat) If you like first person shooter and a big open world this just might be for you.The game starts ...

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Great but... 0

Chainswords, Space British, and Orks with a K. Those are a few things to expect when playing 40k Space Marine. You play as Titus captain of the Ultramarines, and wow your whole team just look so badass. You have giant shoulder pads with skulls on them, you rip guys apart to get health back, you don't use cover because fuck that and your dude just looks even cooler by the end of the game.The game starts off with you flying over this planet getting ready to land. When you spot Ork airships flying ...

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Too much platforming 1

Quantum Conundrum, a game by Kim Swift. Kim Swift was a part of making Portal and it shows through in some aspects of the game. In Quantum Conundrum you are a young boy sent to your uncle's house who happens to be a crazy scientist. When you arrive there doesn't seem to be anyone home. Then you hear your uncle start to talk to you through some communication device and he seems to be stuck in some other dimension. He guides you through these different rooms with one puzzle in each, much like oh I...

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Great, but gets dull 0

Darkness can take on many different forms, weather it be in reality the darkness that can consume you or the psychological take that Alan Wake puts on it. Alan Wake is not your badass dude who is used to things attacking him, or him even using a gun. - Alan Wake is a writer from New York,who goes on vacation with his wife to get away and relax, but some weird stuff starts to happen. He wakes up a week after he arrives, in his crashed car, in the middle of he woods. He soon finds the cover page t...

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High school boiled down 0

It's rare that a developer goes from make a adult game about crime with very adult themes. To making a game about a high school kid who moves to a school for child delinquents and socially challenged kids, but in a lot of ways Bully is like a GTA. For example Bully is a giant open world with stuff to collect, bike races to do, arcade games to play, and much more to just kind of find.The mission structure is very similar to GTA, you do a bunch of work for one of the factions;like the jocks or the...

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Blowing shit up 0

Just cause 2 is everything someone could want from a game that you unlock stuff by blowing shit up. Its a giant sprawling world with just that to do, blow shit up that is. Not to mention how many different collectables there are, from ones that you use to upgrade your weapons or vehicles with to just boxes full of money. That's really the meat of the game there's not much of a apparent story that's very interesting anyway, but that doesn't really matter; because your having to much fun in just t...

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Delightful 0

Nintendo always seems experiment with the pink ball that is Kirby more then they do with any of there older characters, and they always seem to feel really new and inventive. That's no different with Kirby Mass Attack. The pink little ball pulls it off again but this time there's ten of him and that just makes it all the better. You control the entire game with the touch screen and your stylus. The game is at its best when you have all ten of your Kirbys. Although at some points controlling them...

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Well Worth the money 0

I got Monday Night Combat about a month ago and have played over fifteen hours of it this game is a beautiful blend of different types of game play. As long as both teams know what there doing or both are on the dame skill level this game can get into some pretty intense matches. It is well worth the fifteen dollars and the hard drive space on you Xbox. They have also recently put out some free DLC that add one new map to the crossfire mode and one new blitz mode for free. The new blitz mode wil...

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Very interesting 0

This game is a very fun game. It has some very cute art and interesting storying telling but it also has some very innovative game mechanics how you travel back in time time shifts and many others.the controls felt nice on the pc. It is also only 5 bucks on steam so for the price and just how good this game is i would tell just about anyone who likes puzzles and kind of weird games to buy this game or at least try out the demo ...

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