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used to get a full priced game a month pretty much, sometimes two in the holiday game rush, plus a downloadable game once a month too, so maybe £60-£70 a month average. then I got final fantasy xiv, and now I only spend £9 a month on games.

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Everything on max running at 1920x1080 full screen, I got Very High, about 6k I think, but there was a fair amount of tearing and frames dropped. Turning down shadows, adding LoD, a couple of other hits, and it was very smooth at 1080 so I'm happy.

The section where they show off one new move for each class was awesome, even if the Summoner's animation was just "cast spell from book" like everything else. Just seeing the new islands with people fighting new enemies on them got my hype muscles quivering.

Bit disappointed with some of the Au Ra customisation. Really cool hairstyles, huge range of skin tones, fantastic animations, plus I loved the eyes with the ring around the iris. But not being able to customise scales properly, including colour, and the horn style being linked to face type, really sucks. If you want small horns you get a round face, or if you want a strong jaw you have big front horns.

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I liked him saying that it's not hard and all you do is mash R1, even though he's got killed a bunch of times doing just that. In most games, failing and dying 8 times to the same enemy you would probably say it's a difficult encounter, but when talking about this particular game, it doesn't count somehow.

The game has already reset his expectations about what is 'hard', to the point where dying doesn't seem like a failure so much as a temporary roadblock presented by the game to your progress, like a door you don't have the key for yet.

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@zeik said:

@babychoochoo: @snakelinksonic: I'm curious if the post-game story will be mandatory to access expansion content. Probably, right? At this point the post-game rivals the main story in length.

I would definitely get started now. You should have plenty of time to clear the main story content before the expansion, but I wouldn't want to play catch up in the expansion.

Just to add to what's already been said, in the Reddit interview, the director confirmed that the expansion areas are level 50 and up, and he also made a specific point that new characters will start from level 1 (as in, you can't just start at lvl 30 or 50) and have to go through all the existing content.

So I think it is almost certain that you will have have to finish the 2.5 main story in order to access the story content in 3.0. But I'm sure you will be able to access the actual zones and so on as long as you have a lvl 50 character. But you just might not be able to get all of the new dungeons, gear etc since it will probably be tied to the story.

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triple triad gonna ruin my life.

Also the music is maddeningly addictive.

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@splodge: If you want Cactuars (so many Cactuars) and Triple Triad, FFXIV is ready and waiting. Or at least, it will be come Tuesday it out

I am so down for this open world, elephant slashing, orchestrally backed field trip

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If they got pre-release builds, I reckon Dan and possibly Brad would play it, but I don't think anyone will review it because no one wants to rush this sort of thing unnecessarily.

So I expect a fair amount of discussions (and misinformation and confusion) on the Bombcast, but no review.

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The 3ds has streetpass so definitely 3ds

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@grantheaslip This is such an enjoyable read, not least because it brings back memories of when I was levelling up and doing things for the first time. I hope you keep doing the updates!

I think going as a healer you get a much more intense sense of those big fights, since you have so much more visible responsibility. You feel like a lot is riding on your individual performance.

There are moments in the fight where things were probably hanging on a knife edge and nobody else noticed, and you get through it with a quick series of almost instinctive actions. It's so rewarding. A perfectly timed Cure 2, or a medica that you place just-so, so that it hits everybody. I think healing Garuda for the first time was one of my stand out moments in this game. I first started healing just to help some friends get through dungeons, and I think it was at Garuda where I thought "this is what I want to be".

From here on out the game feeds you with more and more experiences like that as the mechanical complexity of fights ramps up. Once you hit some of the 8-man content, healing actually becomes a lot easier since you share the burden and most players are severely overgeared. It can be quite relaxing and you get to enjoy the fights more than when you have to tunnel vision on the party list for dungeon bosses. You learn to switch to doing damage and I think that helps with your general "danger!" awareness, that stops you spending your whole time watching HP bars.

I wouldn't be too wary of end-game grind personally. Once you get to 50 there are so many other things to try that I doubt you'll ever spend 2 hours doing the same thing for quite a while. Sometimes I log on fully intending to add a few levels to an alt class or run some dungeons for gear, only to spend my time fishing and watching the sunset while listening to the music, or trying to clip through furniture in the FC house, or doing sweet 540s off the Whitebrim wall while riding Behemoth.

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GOOD LUCK patrick, sad to see you go