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They should put it on a submarine and the game is about day to day life on the submarine. All of the same systems they've had in Far Cry 3 and 4 - weapon upgrades, hunting, wingsuit, flame tech, stealth - just no animals or people or guns or wilderness to explore apart from the parts of the submarine you're authorised to go in to.

No one would expect that.

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Which was the episode where Brad climbs all the way up the wall in Gang Beasts? Because that.

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The solution to this problem is to get addicted to an MMO, then you never need to worry about not knowing what to play! Everyone should try it!

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When you go to the cinema in Thailand, make sure to stand up when they play the National Anthem and the trailer for how great their king & queen are.

Thailand right now is actually in a bit of political turmoil and they have had curfews and riots in Bangkok amongst other things. It probably won't affect you as a tourist but worth keeping in mind. The south is a very touristy place and you will be fine if you stick around other people, but it can also be dangerous. A lot of that area is owned by russian drug gangs, including whole islands and stretches of beach. The authorities can be -extremely- strict about drugs, if that is something you were considering. I would be very very careful about this. The punishment for being caught with drugs in Thailand, particularly if they suspect you are trying to get them out of the country, is incredibly harsh. I don't mean to scare you or anything, but just keep your wits about you if that's where you are going.

As for Vietnam, I would definitely suggest doing a cooking class, especially if you are in Hoi An or round there. They will take you to the field, the market, and then teach you to cook a few different, really nice meals, for about $20-$30. They use a lot of ingredients you would struggle to find outside of asia, my chef said oh you can replace the banana leaf with lettuce, or the taro with potato. In the end if you did all the replacements, you'd end up with boiled carrot and potato wrapped in a lettuce leaf and dipped in ketchup. Not quite the same as a vietnamese spring roll.

Also if you like things spicy, in Thailand in particular, see if you can convince one of the street stalls to give you the food "thai person spicy". They will automatically put in less spice if you don't look thai, and even then it can be pretty wild. Even if you ask for it like this they won't go the whole way. It can be like getting drunk off spices, you can feel it right in your brain. Pretty cool. If you get sick of asian-flavours at any point, the big shopping malls in Bangkok have huge food courts which are full of different food from all over the world, including terrible american restaurants. But they also have amazing, decadent desserts, including a whole chain dedicated to serving piles of ice cream, fruits, chocolates on top of very thick toast.

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2-handed Rogue at level 14, I was rolling around with Cassandra, Iron Bull and Dorian for a good while. It worked ok, but the problem is, Iron Bull just needed way too many of the party's potions, and ended up taking a beating too often, and it wasn't worth it for how much damage he does. It made fights super messy, with enemies switching aggro all the time and everyone getting caught in multiple cleaves because they all want to stand directly on top of each other under AI control. I know I could sort it out by moving people around in tactical but the camera makes that a bit of a nightmare in any enclosed space.

It's a real shame since I actually liked playing him more than anyone else including my dumb rogue. Yank a dude towards you, Smash him on the ground, then start twirling, twirling twirling towards freedom. Lots of fun. But as soon as I let go he's running in there and taking hits from all sides. His health was less of an issue once I made his block move preferred, but the dmg suffered.

So anyway I switched him out for Vivienne and now I just wreck shit with magic from a distance. She's fun to play with her phasing and sword moves and they do stupid damage, so I don't mind too much. It's not the best party setup for chatter, since Cassandra is kind of boring, but it works out nicer in fights.

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Shovel Knight

Its a game that was able to do the Indie Pixel Art look without looking totally uninspired and actually feels likes it own entity and not a knockoff of game from 20 years ago.

And the music! The music is just so damn good.

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The animations really shocked me when I started playing. Female elf's legs clip through each other on the basic walk and run animation. How does that animation even ever get approved? It's a lilting, hip swaying walk, which is fine and adds some character, but the ankles clip through each other. What?

In general I find the animations to be pretty terrible, and the way you can get yourself stuck on rocks on flat surfaces or how your character will start jigging wildly if you have them stand on anything remotely uneven during a talking scene. I had a conversation with Varric at camp where he was just ... bobbing... up and down. Pretty bizarre.

That jumping though. Like a frog on jupiter.

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I would have put in Fantasy Life but it's not there so

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Most of them are just way way too long, or at least appear too long because of how they present them.

Sadly that sort of thing primes me to just skip ALL text popups, including letters that lead to missions and stuff, or things which might be interesting. That's annoying and I think a bad design choice.

Much better is when games intrigue you with a little "Added to Codex: The mystery of the Tevinter Mage who was a wolf - Press Options to read", and just pop up mission pertinent stuff on screen. That's much more likely to get me to read than if I see 5 paragraphs of text crammed into a box in the middle of my screen titled "The Magisters Imperium -15 to -5 Dynasty" or whatever.

I'm pretty sure that's how Mass Effect worked and I've no idea why they changed it for this.

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I can imagine Patrick loving KRZ, although I don't know how it plays if you don't have to wait a decade between each episode. It's a shame that no one else will probably try it.

And this year is as good a year as any to award it GOTY, I suppose.