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it is coming.... tomorrow

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Thanks for bringing so much joy to so many of us. RIP RTD.

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Have you recently enabled either Background Downloads or Cloud Saves? Both of these features sync unfinished downloads and saves when powering down the system. When they finish their business, the console powers down fully.

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Knight Rider for C64. The first time I got burnt by a crappy licensed game. Loved the show as a kid, but the game was terrible.

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'Artillery' on an Apple II my old man would bring home from the school he tought at, followed by 'Omega Race' and 'The Pit' on my big bro's C64.

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Just tested Halo 2 and it worked fine. Were you connected to LIVE? Sometimes games need the compatability title updates before they work. Do you have a Hard Drive? I believe it is required for BC play. Best of luck.

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No need to convert them. No need for Media Centre either. You can stream to the 360 using Media Player 11. Just watched the HD Reach Quick Look using this method.

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It's not just you actually. I have the same problem on Chrome 7.0.517.0 dev build on Windows 7. Been a problem for a while now.

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I was just looking at jeff's twitter and noticed this:  
I can't help but think he is hinting at a new member of staff at Giant Bomb.
What does everyone think? Who else (possibly from gamespot) would you like the join the crew? 
Just a theory anyway... speculate as to what you think he might be hinting at...

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pax bombcast is up

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