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Just wondering if, like Riddick and Darkness before it, Wolfenstein has any sort of chill-out areas to do a little talking/wandering around, rather than just jumping from level to level.

It isn't a deal-breaker, as I've actually just gone out and bought it based on the developer and great word-of-mouth, would just like to know a little more of what to expect in terms of structure, as those bits really helped the previously mentioned games stand out from the crowd.

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@8bit_archer: Fuck that's awesome. Can I ask where you got that print? Edit: I am an idiot - just realised it's your desktop background.

OP, if you're interested, the new comic series by IDW is amazing and well worth your time. It takes all the best bits from the old series, it's written by the original creator and the mythology has been rebuilt from the ground up. I'm going to have to actively cut myself short here, otherwise I'll go into geekout mode.

Read it.

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Can anyone tell me whether you are able to gather a crew/driver outside of missions?

I want to go roll up on some Ballas, San Andreas-style.

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As far as open world games go, for me, this is near perfect. The little, incidental things are what complete the experience. There are drawbacks, sure, but this is easily the most fun I've had with a game in a long time now.
+The score that kicks in when you attain a certain wanted level lends every single chase/shoot-out an action-movie quality. It makes these moments their own, and far more entertaining than just having them play out quietly. One of my favourite things about the game just now. Also, is it just me, or does some ambient-electronica in the vein of Drive occasionally kick in. I haven't figured out if I'm imagining this yet.
+Police presence is greatly diminished in general. While you'll often see them taking on the public, I've rarely bumped into a cruiser while driving around. They seem to only spawn when responding.
+Similarly, the wanted system is really great now. Hiding is a legitimate tactic at lower levels, and at higher levels is requires skill to out-manoeuvre them.
+The shooting has quite obviously taken a few pages from Max Payne 3. It's really solid and responsive.
+Flying and driving are both slick. The driving, specifically, feels like it combined the realistic approach of 4 with the arcade-stylings of 3/VC/SA. I really, really like it. Those complaining about sliding: try not flooring it at every single moment.
Quick final list of pros
+The city; the attention to detail; the lighting (good lord, the city at night is unreal); the soundtrack; the characters; the size of the world (while still being really dense with things to discover/do); the weather effects (driving through the country looking at the mountains as lightening strikes is probably the closest games have come to looking "real" as far as I'm concerned).
- Traversal of objects. It's a by-product of their somewhat realistic physics engine, I guess, but I'm constantly hitting jump early, expecting the leap/climb, etc to register properly. After Sleeping Dogs did it so well, this seems like a step back.
-Similarly, when a character falls over, the animation is so long, and it takes even longer to stand up. If you fall in a firefight you're done.

-Changing vehicles with a wanted level is really hard, but that's more my issue than the game's.

-Aiming while driving is appalling.

-I hate that you STILL can't do things like set an explosive away from prying eyes (on a truck, say), drive it somewhere and then detonate it later without being discovered instantly.

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@colonius: Dude, what?

This thread is two years old...

I don't remember the context of my 'cheap' cable, but I can tell you I probably meant old. I'd had it for a couple of years and it was the most off-brand thing I'd ever seen.

The "expensive" one, by comparison, was just a newer, better quality product and probably only marginally more expensive. I think it was about 15 quid at the time (HDMI prices have fallen significantly since then).

I'm well aware of the non-difference between the two ends of the price spectrum, but I can also tell you that there are most definitely shit HDMI cables out there.

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GBA, without a shadow of a doubt.

That thing had so many classic games, and a handful of my favourite games of all time.

I'd assume I'm not in a minority, either.

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I guess its not okay to find flaws in games nymore

...yes, it is.

But when said "flaws" are actually addressed in the game as a piece of meta-commentary (it turns out to be a large part of the game's premise), it seems like the point has been missed.

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It's a bummer that the decisions don't lead anywhere interesting.

But at the same time that's the entire premise of the game, so...

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@jdh5153 said:

@canteu said:

If N.Korea does actually act upon any of their threats, there will not be a N.Korea within about 6 months.

China will not back them. S.Korea will take a beating, but they will still stand thanks to the U.N.

I just hope the civilians get the asylum they will need.

I wouldn't get that confident....People used to say the same thing about Afghanistan and Iraq... "Oh it'll be wiped off the map in a month...." 10 years later.........

This is just about the most misguided thing I've ever read.

Fighting insurgents in a desert does not warrant the use of nuclear weapons.

I'm not saying this does, either, but it wouldn't be guerilla warfare, that's for sure.

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