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I'm going to buy three 60 dollar games because I have a problem.

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I still haven't gotten a code, sup with that?

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@junkboy0 said:


I agree GB let me down taking so long for no one to mention the best multiplayer game on the cube. If you can find it try and get pso episode I & II plus but it's still super pricey last I checked.

I'm not sure more fun can be had on the cube than playing pso with three friends as your stupid HUnewearl buddy keeps getting one shotted by olga flow while my FOmar with his super easy to obtain Skyly god hps is doing just dandy! :p (also maxed out his hp mats as well)

Skyly always got the really good drops.

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What the fuck?

Phantasy Star Online.

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an inspired choice. I can't say I expect much from this, but I'll check it out nonetheless

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You seem scared at the littlest things, man.

No, I'm just a spaz

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Yeah pretty much. Though people are talking about it now I doubt that translates to sales. Plenty of people will boycott it, it's iffy that Steam will even offer it on their store, and once videos of it's inevitably bland gameplay reach the public most people's curiosity will be slaked. Let the bloggers have their fun, it's all they've got left.

And if it's gaming's reputation you're worried about... well that shipped has sailed. Just enjoy the decline my friend.

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It sounds like the sprinting is what's doing me in. He showed up in the main hall, so I sprinted back towards the kitchen area and when I kicked the door in he was right there on the other side. Scared the shit out of me so bad I didn't think the press x to go back out the door. This game is pretty great.

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I don't think I can do this you guys. My nerves are totally shot. Dude seemingly spawns at random, and just when I think I got away he spawns right across from me and I flip out and fumble the proverbial football.

How'd you brave souls make it through this chapter without having a heart attack?

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@thebrokenpinion: You should be able to collect 3 explosive crossbow rounds before getting to that boss and you should have plenty of trap parts so just make 1 more during the fight and you should be good, it's pretty hard to miss with those. He took 4 explosive shots and a couple of bullets on medium for me.

This is what I did. Just spam them explosive bolts. Now, the NEXT few bosses can get tricky though they're more puzzles designed to suck your ammo out before you figure out the trick.