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@notnert427: Got my spike and I got my knife and fork, knife and fork!

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I agree that B looks like too much work for breakfast. I'm tryna get out the door 10 minutes after I wake up, not tryna cook for an hour.

On weekends it's a fried egg (sunny side up for that runny-yolky goodness) with a slice of cheese, hash browns on top with ketchup drizzled over. Simple yet effective.

I've never heard an American call EX. A "Toad in a Hole." It's known as Eggs in a Basket, or if you're feeling twee "Eggy in a Bready"

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Arcane damage is misleading, it only applies when a weapon has elemental damage at which point all physical damage is converted to elemental with arcane scaling.

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It has almost nothing to do with Xenosaga. They named it that to pay homage to their legacy, nothing more.

However, there are plenty of mechs. Half the game world takes place on a giant mech.

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Huh. Well, whatever that's, like, fair, I guess.

I wish, like, I didn't pick up on how often everyone says 'like' in their sentences on all things GB related, it's, like, a much more potentially lethal drinking game to, like, take a shot every time you notice it.

It only ever bothers me when Brad Muir is on; that dude uses it every other word.

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Game doesn't seem that fun anyway, but yeah the controls are a problem.

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It's weird, I had a ton of trouble with him so I decided to skip him. Came back later and absolutely wrecked him. It wasn't even that I was over-leveled (hadn't leveled up much in the interim), he didn't land a hit on me. At some point you just get the flow of dodging and anticipating attacks. Also, getting frustrated tilts you. Taking a break helps.

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I always look forward to these. Don't ever stop

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@hollitz: Lost Odyssey is a very beautiful game, in its themes and its writing. The combat is standard for the most part, and pretty easy to get through if I remember correctly. It sounds like OP doesn't care about that stuff though, and so I still stand by my recommendation.