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Wow, This is just sad you guys. Let it go.

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Kyuss all the way son.

Rated R is solid too though.

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@lukeweizer: I watched for the first time in 2008. Still awesome. The Sopranos is just an OK show whose gimmick was being the first big premium cable show. The Wire's gimmick is being well-crafted.

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I felt similarly with season 1; just felt like a slog. I don't know if I just got used to the way the show progresses or what but at some point I just couldn't stop watching. The characters are amazing. The themes are intricate and engrossing. Also, as a life-long Baltimoron it was good to see an unabashed portrayal of the city I love/hate. There is no sugar-coating here; David Simon was a reporter here for years and he knows all the city's secret shames and also has an eye for why we're all still loyal to it. This city breaks my goddamn heart constantly, and yet I'm proud of it. Stockholm Syndrome most likely...

Anyway season 2 is so much better than the first, with a real barn-burner of an ending. I highly recommend this show to everyone, even people that aren't that in to it at first. Omar is THE SHIT.

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Yeah, with Mark Hamill gone it's time to move on. I bet Rocksteady feels the same

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Might help if you move this to the right forum...

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Ranger was my favorite. You can shoot 10 arrows in a volley like you're a gatling gun or something. Magic Archer was the worst though, don't pick that one.

Also your stat increase upon level up is dependent on what vocation you're using at the time of level up. So if you spent 30 levels as mage you're gonna have shitty attack stats. It's best to keep at least one foot in a chosen discipline (dex, magic or strength) at all times.

As for your topic ending up in General, I had the same thing happen to me. In future you don't need a mods help to move your topic, just hit the "full edit" button at the top of your post and you can change the forum.

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He went from looking super dorky to dapper overnight. I definitely approve.

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@getz: I actually like that the second episode fleshed Chloe out to be something of a misbehaving brat, because guess what? That's what a lot of punk rock teenagers are! They're antiestablishment, but not for like any political reasons, more just because they're angry about or discouraged by some aspect of their life. Like yeah, her stepdad is a bit of a dick, but also she makes everything WAY worse even though the stepdad and mom kinda mean well most of the time.

Sure, she got dealt a rough hand losing her dad and then Max moved away. But if she's the charming rogue without fault, then she's just the Han Solo to Max's Luke Skywalker, and that's too easy, too convenient, too "high adventure". If she was just the cool, adventurous foil, I've seen that a zillion times before.

I think it's way more interesting that this isn't some lifestyle choice that Chloe has fully thought out. She's just lashing out and making stupid life choices because she doesn't know how to cope with losing her dad, and her plan to just go to California with Rachel Amber was hella stupid, because that's the kind of dumb plan teenagers might cook up.

Also if you poke around Chloe's room or on her computer or something, she took a selfie of herself taking a huge bong rip, and that's still pretty funny.

I'm not gonna say the Chloe is an unrealistic depiction, I'm saying that I hate her and cringe every time she opens her mouth.

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I liked it at first, but episode 2 really bummed me out. The bit at the end (which I wont spoil) could have been real gut-punch but technical flaws with the dialogue killed all momentum. Characters were waffling between two tones, as if the developers forgot to add in parts where the character actually responds to your choices (man this is really hard to talk about in vague terms). The characters don't seem to be developing the way I had hoped they would, with Chloe in particular being an annoying brat rather than a charming rogue. Writing's a bit corny as well, definitely comes across as old fogies trying to sound hip.

I'm a sucker for these types of coming-of-age stories, this one's just an OK version of that. The gameplay isn't even worth discussing but it's not really the draw either. You do make some interesting choices though, and I'm curious to see how far they'll go with it.