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@jakob187: You're a better man than most for coming to that realization. Everyone wants to run their mouth like they know all the answers because they don't have to live through the bullshit. It's always good to step back and say to yourself "I actually don't know shit, and I could stand to learn more" but instead people choose the easy route of ignorant pedagogy.

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^ same here. I get sick of hearing Americans complain about gun violence when they have a government that does nothing about it. Sorry if I didn't have much interest in discussing media perception.

I get sick of non-Americans speaking about these issues from complete ignorance, like "Oh it's so easy just take away their guns!" There is more than one gun per person in America right now. Our Constitution, which is a very important document to many people here, gives us the right to arm ourselves. Its right up there with the freedom to hold democratic elections and the right to express our opinions. Many right wing groups (not just the radical ones either) see this right as insurance against tyranny by the government. If this right were to be taken away, how do you think they would react?

Over 300 million guns, many of them unregistered and therefore impossible to track down... What exactly do you suggest we do about that?

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Baltimore is demographically different from Waco, Texas. To compare the two is naivete at its most dangerous. Our police force has a long LONG legacy of brutality against the majority African American population (with the police force being exclusively white until the late 30s) and racial tension between poor black communities and majority white police force has been, to say the least, a growing problem. Police are treated with distrust and they return the distrust in kind. A Biker gangs in Waco do not outnumber the police, but here in Baltimore the entire black community hates the police force or at the very least does not trust them and they are outnumbered by a conceivable amount.

It's not about who's right; these are just the facts. Fergusson put people on edge even more than they already were. Shit was bound to hit the fan sooner or later. The media is of course playing it's part in trying to spin the Waco violence in to some kind of linked event but to my eyes they're not even comparable.

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I have some beef with your assertion that 1080/60 should be easy. Go ask John Carmack how much blood, sweat and tears went in to locking Rage down at 60 FPS. It takes much more than simple horsepower; it takes manpower. Lots of talented people working many hours to solve complicated technical issues. That costs a lot of money, for what publishers deem ultimately an unnecessary feature to sell the game to general audiences. That's the issue at hand here; there's not enough time and money to go around for making these super-duper awesome looking games for the next generation.

The dusk of big budget games rapidly approaches, leaving all but those with the blandest, widest appeal. It's not something you can change, and its certainly not the end of the world. Shit's just changing.

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Is Vernon Roche a best friend character? I totally betrayed his ass to hang out with guerrilla elves.

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What a fantastic spectacle this game was. Kinda cheesey the way they put the ending behind a paywall though.

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@beachthunder said:
@geirr said:

Metroid and Castlevania, naturally.

The original Castlevania? I definitely wouldn't call that a metroidvania. But who knows, maybe it counts as an "Igavania"...

Iga didn't work on any Castlevanias until SOTN (edit: he was credited on Rondo of Blood, but only in Special Thanks) so no.

I really enjoyed Shadow Complex, the way it clearly marked the items on the map so you could go back and get them all. Cool powerups to boot. Can't say it's better than SOTN though.

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It's simply divine. For the kiddies its rapid-fire silliness and non sequitur humor is enough to keep their A.D.D-addled brains engaged. For us older erudite sophisticates, we can enjoy the show for its references to the occult, drug-use and gay rights. The fact that such an openly subversive thing can exist on children's television is truly a testament to our wonderfully depraved modern culture.

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Giant Bomb is the only game website I visit on a regular basis. I'll check out Kyle Bosman's show on GT or Zero Punctuation every week, but for the most part I can't stand the "Games Media" shibboleth. I'd much rather spend my leisure time enjoying the creativity and craft of people with actual talent (that is to say, playing video games or reading books).

I'd say probably three hours a day playing versus an hour on games websites.

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Well, you have a PC so the PS4 is basically useless. However you should just keep it around and buy a Wii U anyway. You said you're a working adult, didn't you?