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I fuckin love you Jeff

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No, but I have watched this insane chase scene from a Bollywood movie about fifty bajillion times:

I mean, it is an amazing chase but I can't help but think about all the horses with broken legs as a result of filming this.

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I have to know, because I have a problem. So yes.

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Shameless cash grab or brilliant fan service?

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@perilator666: Yakuza 4 is kind of a letdown for me after playing 3. I dunno, the story is just too fractured trying to flesh out 3 all new playable characters; I couldn't really get excited about what was happening

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Thanks for reminding me of theses games, jerk.

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Bring a lambic, raspberry if you can find it. It's good for people that don't like to drink.

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You answered your own question. Most astronomers believe that Venus was once more like temperate but a runaway greenhouse effect left it a barren hotbox.

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