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I played through MGS2, 3 and 4 this year, mostly because of Solid Scanlon.

Also, Resistance Fall of Man which does not hold up well.

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Do you actually get this reveal if you're not in a relationship with Blackwall? This quest only started for me after him and the inquisitor made the beast with two backs.

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If you want to experience them the way they were meant to be played then you will bang your head against the puzzles until you give up, then come back the next day and figure it out in 5 minutes. Using guides kinda defeats the purpose; why not just watch a let's play instead?

That said, if you're not 12 years old you probably don't have the patience or free time to play those old Kings Quest games legit. They're not actually fun to play, especially by modern standards.

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Aww man, for a second I thought you were gonna say this game has rocket jumping in it.

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when you pick up your first syringe it'll tell you. You just select it from the radial menu.

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Mirroring what other people are saying here, I'd get as far as I could in tartarus as soon as possible, and then social link up until the full moon.

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Yeah dude, we know...

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@getz said:

When you give enough Dragonling scales to the researcher in skyhold it opens up a mission to tame dracolisks on the war table. There's a bunch of dragonlings in the hinterlands near one of the camps.

I think I found out too late that the research stuff also gets sold as "valuables". That still makes no sense to me why they are classified as basically junk. I'll see if I can find some more to kill.

You'll get no argument from me, it's just bad design.

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You shouldn't mount babies. There are laws against that.

I think he's actually referring to Mounts-Baby, the Native American no one likes to talk about.

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After the opening parts of The Last of Us, you know which part I'm talking about, the theme plays and it hit me pretty hard.

Runner-up is Zia's Theme from Bastion