Games that people love to hate (that I love)

There are just some games so divisive, so polarizing, that they can consume a person's whole afternoon posting in a forum about how terrible they think it is. It could be because of broken gameplay, complicated systems, or just because. These are the games that I feel should be defended. More to come as I think of new ones. Suggestions are welcome!

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Posted by ahoodedfigure

Harvest Moon I could see myself getting into, but I never had the right console at the right time. Was impossible for me to find the GBA version that I wanted when I finally learned about the thing.
If you think Brutal Legend was a failed experiment, what did you like about it?  I can still see myself getting it even if a lot of people reacted the way they did. I'd just blast the music and drive everywhere.
As for Halo, I understand why you put it here. I liked it, although I think I liked the second one a lot more. And given the Ironman plays I've read about from Far Cry 2, I can imagine myself having a blast just exploring.

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@ahoodedfigure: Brutal Legend was indeed a failed experiment, and maybe I've just got the rose-colored glasses on when it comes to Tim Schafer games, but I had a really great time with the game. It's only failed in that it was a commercial and critical failure, I personally thought it was refreshing to see a big-budget game taking some big risks. It was a tactical, action-oriented comedy about metal music. 
  I mean, it was a love letter straight from Tim Schafer to me, containing all the things I love. Plenty of cameos by famous metal musicians like Rob Halford, Lemmy Killmeister, and Ozzy. A genuinely engaging love story. Incredible art and animation. An open-world chock-full of truly inspired architecture. I can go on and on. The gameplay isn't for everyone, but if you take the time to learn it's intricacies (think starcraft-lite) you'd find a truly unique gameplay experience. Oh, and a killer soundtrack to boot. Sorry, that went on a little long...
Posted by ahoodedfigure
@Getz:  I'm one of the experts in going on too long; you're not even close :)
Posted by jamian9210