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Anyone found this song yet?

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nothing i can say can represent any feeling anyone had for ryan davis

this video, this tweet. hit so deep.

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Took me 6 hours 15 minutes, but I couldn't find enough cash for the Damage Reduction, I seemed to have mined out the entire place and don't have any cash left. Died like 34 times though and that probably took all my cash away.

Great game though.

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First series just finished yesterday, great show. Also, an amazing soundtrack, hoping I can buy it somewhere.

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@spoonman671 There's 2 fullscreen options when you hover over it, windowed and fullscreen. Sounds like you're using the windowed one.

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Born in 1990. I vaguely remember a lemmings machine my dad had but I was an infant so couldn't really form memories about it.

The Megadrive/Genesis for americans, was my system. Sonic 1 and 2, Michael Jackson's MoonWalker, Soleil, ToeJam & Earl 2, were my massive jams when I was really young. Turned 6 and got a Playstation 1, Jumping Flash, ESPN Extreme Games, Crash Bandicoot, Time Crisis, Worms, International Track & Field, SuperSonic Racers, Loaded and the DieHard Trilogy game. I'm pretty much gone wasted right now and this is bringing up so much lovely nostalgia. I see Star Wars: Episode 1 The Phantom Menace, I didn't even know I owned that game. When I get home from work I am plugging that in and playing that so hard.

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Minimal, I don't want to be told what people think of me when I make a choice, and I want to explore the places rather than being told where to go.

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I miss playing the alpha, was so much better. Greens building things everywhere, blues tunneling underneath the map to launch a surprise attack. Now it just looks like another TF2 clone.

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Space bar doesn't pause videos, thought Dave said this was something they were going to do? Maybe just a beta thing, also the progress bar/controls don't disappear when in fullscreen.

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Played a little bit of it, but I stopped playing when I got killed by the first horde. The prepper told me to go somewhere and prepare or something, but I missed it and now I'm just dying, respawning and running out into a group of zombies with very limited resources. Should have another go soon.