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I miss playing the alpha, was so much better. Greens building things everywhere, blues tunneling underneath the map to launch a surprise attack. Now it just looks like another TF2 clone.

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Space bar doesn't pause videos, thought Dave said this was something they were going to do? Maybe just a beta thing, also the progress bar/controls don't disappear when in fullscreen.

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Played a little bit of it, but I stopped playing when I got killed by the first horde. The prepper told me to go somewhere and prepare or something, but I missed it and now I'm just dying, respawning and running out into a group of zombies with very limited resources. Should have another go soon.

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Couldn't find a thread for the show and just wanted to talk about this weeks episode because it reminded me of Hotline Miami and was wondering if anyone else did as well.

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Trials HD was a memorable one because I spent literally all day on the last extreme track and was elated when I finally finished it. Unfortunately it was after the patch that made it easier, so I can never brag about that.

Marvel 3, just because I'm not very good at fighting games and I loved this so I spent a good chunk of time learning how to play so I could actually be decent.

And 1 vs 100 because my friend is missing one achievement and he will never be able to get it.

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Can't be too hard surely? I've got a core 2 duo and gtx 460 so our motherboards must be similar at least and I've got 4GB ram

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@Laivasse: Analogue triggers are essential in Forza 3/4. If you spin out and try to get going again it's impossible to just slam down on the trigger and go because you'll just spin out again. You need to ease on the triggers and slowly build up speed.

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Last time I played I got to Mars, but had to stop playing. How much more is there after that?

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@msavo: Yeah, Daniel's slow. His square attack is his sword, triangle is either a big hammer or bow and arrow depending on whether you hit down or up and circle he throws his head. I didn't really play him for much as I don't like slow characters, moved onto Jak who's got some speed.

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I guess I'm being stupid but I can't work out the combo system. Square seems to be the light attack, triangle the heavy and circle the projectile, but I can't link any attacks into each other apart from square three times.

Although, playing as Daniel in arcade mode I managed to get Sweet Tooth in a pseudo-infinite by pressing down triangle, and then hitting up square and keeping him juggled in the air. Only worked once though, when I let him down I couldn't get him back to being stuck.