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It's the perfect background game, been going at it while listening to podcasts, watching TV, etc. Getting a bit obsessed with trying to beat my highscore and becoming top tapper. Going to be pretty hard though, I've got 500k coins, and top tapper has 4 million.

EDIT: Well, fuck. The colours got all screwed up while I was tapping and I went to low battery, so I deleted and installed it again and lost all my coins. Brilliant. And the colours are still fucked.

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Finished my first playthrough pretty much exclusively using Tony, I just loved being able to run into a room knock over the first guy with the door, punch the next guy dead then come back and execute the first guy all in under a couple of seconds.

I tried a couple others but not being able to instantly execute someone just made the game feel so slow and I felt really vulnerable when executing. Although I didn't realise the lethal throws mask meant that throwing a weapon killed someone, for some reason I just didn't understand that so I never used it even though in the later levels I was throwing weapons around corners to knock people out to help with crowd control.

In the last level as the original protagonist I used the Oscar mask because I had just unlocked it but the only description it has was "darkness" and I didn't notice it doing anything different so I don't know what it actually did, anyone know?

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So I'm going for the no kills achievement, and I've tried the first mission, the prison about 4 times now being absolutely stealthy and passive as possible. I haven't touched a single person, not even choked them out, I've just gone around them and yet every time I finish the mission it tells me I've killed 1 person. I have absolutely no idea who it could be.

I started the game over from the prologue in case somehow it was an assassin that counted, and I didn't fight them, so there can't be a kill there. I sneak around everyone in the prison, I made sure that the 2 people in the room where I blow up door survive, I don't touch any thugs in the sewers, and yet still 1 hostile killed.

This happen to anyone else?

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@pw2566ch: But that's not a RAID. Also remember this isn't just $1000 of Turbografix stuff, this is an undefined amount of money to spend in Japan.

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Went on Sunday, was pretty cool. Next year I'm tempted to just walk off from my friends and just agree to meet back up at a certain time, they were all just meandering about and not doing anything. I think Metal Gear Rising and Halo 4 were the only actual new game I managed to play. Although I did spend an inordinate amount of time in the retro area playing Halo 2, which I won all my matches except for 1. Then I spent a good 10 minutes on Super Mario 64 trying to do that stair long jump glitch, managed to do it once, felt pretty good with myself.

Competed in the Street Fighter tourney, was pretty poorly planned, only 5 sticks and the rest was pads, which one machine couldn't use anyway. Didn't really matter to me as I was knocked out in the first round anyway.

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My only experience with drunk gaming is coming home after a night out completely out of it and really wanting to play Call of Duty, don't remember it too much but I was told that it took me a good 5 - 10 minutes to get into a game and I was just falling out of my chair with no idea what I was doing.

Another time I came home drunk and started watching some people play Call of Duty again and it looked like the most fun in the world, for some reason when I'm drunk Call of Duty is the pinnacle of all video games.

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Going to be going on Sunday, had a good time last year, although I spent a lot of time in the retro zone as there wasn't really much I wanted to play.

Hoping this time will be different, more games that I actually want to try, Dishonoured, Aliens: Colonial Marines, Dust 514, Forza Horizon, Grid 2, Metal Gear Rising, Natural Selection 2, Rocksmith, The Cave, Tokyo Jungle, and of course the WiiU. Going to try and make sure that I actually play these games before I get lost in the retro zone again.

Anyone know if the Oculus Rift is going to be there with Doom 3 BFG?

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Watching it now, only thing I'm going to say is that it shouldn't have been done live because watching these people trying to stay on time while live is just awkward.

Also, that doctor who talks to the patients after they come out of the brain scanner looks kinda like Cillian Murphy.

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You've got to do Drew! And make sure he's got his bow and arrow with him.