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I let them both live, but kept thinking about Rick from the comics, how he says that to survive in this world you HAVE to kill. Spent a few seconds deliberating over killing the first one and ended up letting him live, and I immediately let the second one live, there's no way he was going to survive.

IF, however, they come back for vengeance then I'm killing them the fuck up, and I know Rick was right.

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Oh shit, I read all the comics last week and didn't even realise Lily was the one who shot Rick's daughter and wife.

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Looks like Nolan got some inspiration for the ending from a previous Batman movie.

There you have it, Nolan is a complete hack who can't even come up with his own endings to films.

This is all a joke, btw. Even if the endings are kind of similar.
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With the 360 just plug in a USB stick and format it to the 360's system and then transfer your profile over. Not too sure about the PS3.

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Surely it should be ok for Giant Bomb to host the ISO? They've already got the entire game recorded and hosted on the site and you can download each episode anyway, would there be much of a difference to host the ISO with some extra bluray functions?

Or if MikeNightFight truly is our messiah he will make a tutorial to help us make our own bluray, I've already been downloading each episode anyway, and having it on a bluray would be fucking amazing.

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Sup guys, been yearning to play some light gun games recently and obviously found out that they don't work on LCD/Plasma/any sort of modern screen.

I've got Time Crisis 4 and it works pretty well using the GunCon 3 and the sensors it comes with, but unfortunately Time Crisis 4 itself really isn't that good.

I got House of the Dead and Ghost Squad for the Wii, but they don't use line of sight like the old light gun games and feel really floaty and just not like light gun games should do. Annoyingly, House of the Dead: Overkill on the PS3 can only use the Move controller, and using it as a light gun is the same as the Wiimote so feels terrible.

Anyway, I've seen some light guns that are made specifically for LCD's ( and from a few youtube videos I've seen of them, they seem pretty cool. Before dropping £65~ on it though I was wondering if anyone here had any experience with them and if they were any good and felt like a proper light gun.

Obviously the real answer is just to buy a CRT TV, but I don't have anywhere near enough space for one at the moment.

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The last 3 tires of Inferno 3 seemed really easy. Especially with having a checkpoint on each one, I managed to get over them with only 1 fault.

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@RandyF: Well damn, that's actually a really good reason. The whole thing could have probably been done a little better, but I didn't think about that.