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Dave, the site's dow...... oh right.

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HUGE fan of all the Total War games (my personal favourite being Medieval 2 Total War). Everything I've seen thus far has made my loins quiver in anticipation. 
My one gripe, and this is not unheard of either, is the AI. So many times I've spent 20 or so minutes setting up the pieces prior to a climatic, epic battle with 10's of thousands of footmen, only to have the AI suicide their General(s) into my frontline of heavy infantry a few moments once the fight begins causing the battle to easily sway in my favour with little effort done on my part... 
Still super-stoked for this, and fingers crossed for the return of General speeches before battles.

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All the bombastic action and ludicrously atrocious dialogue seem perfectly fine to me, I'm just worried the gameplay with devolve into "use whip thing, shoot then kick dude off cliff/into wall/into nearby environmental hazard"  over and over again...

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If you're runnin Vista or 7 (if that's even possible on that old ass card), this should be what you need.
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Looks to me like it's just the next evolutionary leap for books.

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23 hours @ 39.98% complete... been workin to wrap this game up nicely at 40% but it's amazing how much .01% equates to the amount of destruction you need to dish out. Great game btw!

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I feel like Jeff after seeing Mysterious Fox for the first time at the "Secret Headquarters" in P4.... 

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Sounds okay. It's no Chemical Plant music but it's not terrible either.

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ya i got boned in the expansion when i imported my warrior... Everything, besides Cailin's Shield for some reason, was gone... everything. So the first bit of the game was a bit rocky, but I made due.
After a few hours in though, all the gear I've accumulated has surpassed anything from DAO so no love loss. BTW, the Sentinel Armor is fucking dope! Best looking armor I've seen thus far.