Posted by gexecuter

Tought i wonder how many people will pick it up considering there's a free alternative in the just released Alien Swarm...oh wait Impact is on the top of the top sellers charts on Steam, nevermind then.

Posted by DG991

Yea...this game looks really similar to Alien Swarm... why would anyone buy it? 

Posted by gexecuter
@DG991:  I have a theory that people will buy anything on sale even if the game isn't that goood or the deal isn't that sweet, Steam sales can do that people (trust me i know from experience)
Posted by DG991

That explains why I bought nearly 100 games on steam and I have probably only played 25% of them. 
CS:S 1200 hours of play time 
TF2 300 hours of play time 
BF:BC2 43 Hours of play time 
l4d2 24 hours of play time 
Alien Swarm 5 hours of play time 
Other then maybe a few (hl2, ep1 and 2, portals, batman) the rest have been played for minutes or not at all.