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Nice article patrick! I wonder if you played the game to completion. I couldn't because the times i lost chapter 4 because of a random thing killed my motivation to go back, i was playing original. Even tough i could play in the new difficulties i would have to start from the beginning and that doesn't entices me very much.

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I wanna get into VGCW but i dunno what video to start on, there are so many stuff spread over youtube and twitch is confusing. i just want a good starting point.

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I have the xbox 360 version, my gamertag is worriedstudent8. Plenty of people play everyday, it's kinda crazy.

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Hey Klepeck if you only played Metro 2033 once with the russian language on i'm sorry to say you missed a lot of the incidental dialogue that happens in the game. The game doesn't subtitle NPC chatter for some reason so you end up missing a lot of super interesting back story stuff that is never touched on directly, that's why i can't force (yet) myself to play with the russian option on even tough you miss a lot of the atmosphere.

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stay strong patrick

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So i have US xbox live account account, i'm from Chile. I want to buy some Microsoft points digitally but Amazon won't let me since i'm not American. My question is where's the best place to buy Microsoft points online that won't trouble for not being american? Any good and trusted sites?

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Buy Skyrim dude! That game seems like a more refined version of Oblivion and will probably contain massive amounts of content more than the other games. Hopefully the PS3 version will not be inferior in some way.

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Man that's a bummer, i have been liking the Condemned episodes a lot but the complaint of being too much Condemned is fair. I think they are close to the end so a new game should be right around the corner. I hope the Fear Gauntlet lives on.

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Well at least SMT: Imagine seems slightly better that Crimecraft but i don't think that's saying much. Also you guys should totally play Trickster Online for the funny potential, man i can't believe i actually played that once :/

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Man i can't believe there's so much bitching about a cool little bonus for susbcribers and this is coming from a free member that would love to subscribe again but is too poor to do so at the moment.