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Mega Man 3: Between Robotic Dogs and A Brotherly Dispute 0

You know, I really hate to review this game. It's not that it's a bad game, it's just, so... long. Have you ever gotten so trashed and hammered drunk that by the time you wake up, you aptly vow to never drink again? Well, apply that theory here: after the destruction of the eight Robot Masters, the game just seems to turn into a huge pile of monotonous repetitiousness. But oh well, let's venture forth with our mighty Plasma Cannon and once again attempt to rid the world of Dr. Wily's devious wou...

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8 Worlds and 19 Years Later...: A Review of Super Mario Bros. 3 9

Oh yes. This is what it's all about, guys - this is where it's at. Super Mario Bros. 3. The classic Mario path from which Super Mario Bros. 2 deviated is now back in full-force with the entry of Super Mario Bros. 3 to the legendary series. Goombas? Check. Turtles? Check. Bullet Bill? Check. Super Mushrooms, Starmen, Fire Flowers? Check, check, and check. It's all back, plus so many more enemies and items alike, it'll keep you occupied for hours - literally. Assuming you give the game a complete ...

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I'm Living a Dream: A Review of Super Mario Bros. 2 0

America waited with much anticipation for the sequel to the smash hit original. Japan felt it was too hard for American audiences. America retaliates by bombing Japan and cutting off all trade for some time. Japan retaliates by giving us a dumbed-down version of their sequel and slapping it on Super Mario All-Stars.Yes, readers, I am referring to none other than Super Mario Bros. 2. STORY 2.5/5After his doped-up adventure in Super Mario Bros., Mario has retired for the night, fully equipped with...

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This Wasn't in My Job Description: A Review of Super Mario Bros. 0

Well, here it is. One of the best-selling, most easily recognizable games of all time: Super Mario Bros.Loosely based on "Donkey Kong," this was the first game that gave our overweight Italian friend his independent shove toward mainstream stardom, as well as an official name: Mario. Countless sales, sequels, and photo shoots later, it's no wonder he's addicted to shrooms.Let's dawn our overalls and shoot some fireballs, 'cause boys and girls, review time calls.STORY 4/5This is just one of those...

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Mega Man 2: Who Says Sequels Are Never As Good? 0

Well in our case here today, the sequel is the focal point of the franchise. I've said it before and I'm sure many fans of the series will agree with me: Mega Man 2 is hands-down the best installment of the "Classic" era. Let's find out why in what I'm sure will end up a huge review of one of the greatest platformers of all time: Mega Man 2. Once again, and I'm sure this will follow in all the Classic Mega Man reviews to come (at least until I get tired of it), I'll take you down the path of the...

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Mega Man: A Middle-Aged Man's Legacy 1

Though it boasts quite possibly the worst box art of not only any Mega Man game, but any NES game, how much do we owe to this classic? Well, let's find out as I attempt to rekindle those lost childhood memories, taking you through the original Mega Man, overviewing the Story, Graphics, Sound, and Gameplay, and as a little bonus, I'll be scoring each of the six Robot Masters. Hope you're ready!STORY 3/5Upon flicking your NES on, you are greeted by a default blue screen spouting "Mega Man" - okay,...

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