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Bought the bundle, didn't get that message. It's worth nothing I'm in Canada though.

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...The first new IP from blizzard in 17 years is a team based shooter? o.O

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Next 14th of may for me. Wow, all that time...

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True. That snap mode is something I despise in Win8, but on the console, I think it's incredibly brilliant.

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206 games, says my profile. Wow, already? I haven't played half that stuff yet. o.O

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Pretty cool feature! Cannot wait to try it :)

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The problem I foresee, along with bandwidth caps, is the size of the HDD. At 500GB, It means that I could have theoretically only 10 full games before hitting the cap, and that's an unrealistic scenario that does not take into account save files and the OS files. So when will they make available 2TB PS4s? :P

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@DonChipotle said:

Ending wasn't that bad, guys, god damn. Ending DLC would just be dumb.

Again, that's just an opinion. You can't go about and tell everyone their opinion is wrong. :P

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I'm at 71% with 100% missions and riddler's, starting NG+, then I'll take on the challenges. I want my platinum (it'd be my first) so I will keep at it.

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I really thought the additional characters would be like Catwoman. Challenge maps and free-roam with some short missions to add to the too short campaign. 7 bucks for what amounts to a character and two little maps seems really pricey.